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Kenny? Why? I feel betrayed (MAJOR SPOILERS)

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I feel betrayed. Kenny didn't have my back at the end.
I fed Duck, I shot Duck for him. I shot the kid in the attic, so he didn't have to. I also saved Duck at Hershall's farm. I sided with Duck at the pharmacy, even though kenny thought otherwise because of that "reason with him" confusion. I ddn't help him kill Larry, but I feel betrayed that Kenny wouldn't help me with Clementine. I pleased with to help but he wouldn't, even though Lee is bit and probably hasn't got long left.
All he can think about is his freaking boat. What a selfish human being. After all I have done to help him and his faimly and this is how he repays me? I wish Kenny was the one who got bit.
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  • Yeah, I had his back every single time, even let Ben go because I thought it was what Ben wanted. After that, I showed everyone the bite and he said "What kind of friend would I be if I didn't help you now?" Didn't even have to ask. I went through Crawford again and saved Ben, and Kenny got all pissy and said that there were plenty of times where I "didn't have his back." Called bullshit on that one, but if you tell him Clem is your family he'll come along. You can have both Kenny and Ben if you tell Kenny Clem is your family, and tell Ben that you need him. I thought it was really badass of him to come with me (the first time, when I let Ben die) even though I showed him the bite and said that I'd go alone.
  • Im still trying to figure out how to get all 5 characters to come... I reloaded the end and it seems I have to choose between Ben or Kenny, as Kenny refuses to go if Ben does

    so Im thinking I screwed up some earlier choice... anyone have any thoughts?
  • Dangerzone;692233 said:
    Im still trying to figure out how to get all 5 characters to come... I reloaded the end and it seems I have to choose between Ben or Kenny, as Kenny refuses to go if Ben does

    so Im thinking I screwed up some earlier choice... anyone have any thoughts?
    I sided with Kenny on all the big things up to that point in my original game, and the onyl thing I did that he didn't like was when I saved Ben. Still, you need to say something to Ben about Clementine needing him after telling Kenny that Clem is your family. Maybe it takes into account everything you and Kenny have done up until that point as well.
  • Yeah I picked the "family" option and Kenny said he would come... BUT right after that when lee asks Ben if he wants to come, Kenny will interject and tell lee that he will not come if Ben does, I then have to choose... Ben or Kenny
  • BlankCanvasDJ;692065 said:
    Did you save Ben? That makes a big difference.
    I don't think it does. I saved Ben and still managed to get Kenny on my team at the end. He mentioned I had gone against him before, I mentioned that Clem is family and he said I was there for Kat and Duck when it mattered... and I did leave Ben behind to watch the boat.
  • Really? I had three options and choose the one that didn't tell Kenny to leave or Ben to stay, and everyone came with me.
  • I backed up Kenny when I could, but I save people when I can, which means I went against him on a couple big decisions, like Larry. Ben's hanging and going to die, and Kenny gives me the nod to let him go? Screw the walkers and screw you, Kenny. I pulled the kid up. The walkers lose one today, and Kenny can take it out of Ben's hide later.

    I talked Kenny into going with me for Clem. He said I wasn't there for him, so I told him Clementine was family. He agreed that I was there for Katjaa and Duck when it mattered, and that family is the most important thing. He didn't want to go with Ben, though, and I didn't argue. If his problems with Ben are more important to him than saving Clementine, then I'll let him work on the boat. Everyone makes their own decisions, and I only wanted people to go who wanted to save Clementine.

    Kenny did say he would get the boat ready and wait for people. He made the right compromise.
  • I left ben with the boat because Kenny complained he wasn't coming if Ben was tagging along.

    Ben has had a history of making decisions that hurt the group, so I thought it best to have Kenny more than Ben. Especially since Ben froze up when Clem needed him most.

    Having someone stay at the boat may be a good idea. I just hope he doesn't get the idea to drive away with the boat because of the recent bad decisions he has made for the group.

    The biggest issue I have with Ben is that he took the axe out of the door handle that were keeping the walkers from getting inside the school building. I don't understand how he could be so stupid as to do that. He is old enough to realize it was there to keep something from getting inside.

    I simply can't trust Ben to reliably take care of anyone, so I didn't argue when Kenny said it was him or Ben to go with me but not both.
  • I know I feel that a real person would understand why you choose not to smash a guys head in while his daughter was watching.

    I think Kenny is a tad insane. Everyone in the group who wants to be the leader is crazy.... Oh my god

    In the Dead walking world if you want to be leader you need to be crazy.

    That explains all the fucked up groups/
  • Well, after reading the comics, I think it's safe to say that even Rick isn't all there anymore. Note to self, always be a follower...
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