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Did you drop him?

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Did you drop Ben? Why or why not did you drop him?

I personally dropped him for multiple reasons.

1. He did give food to the bandits and forced us out of the camp.
2. Didn't fess up and got Carley/Doug killed
3. Because of this Duck got bit and caused Katjaa and Duck to both die.
4. Left Clem to die.
5. Let Clem leave the house when he should of been watching her!!!!
6. Clem gets back to house, you would think he would watch her right? "Uhh shes in the backyard playing" FUCKING REALLY?!
7. Took the hatchet from the door that was blocking the walkers.
8. Had to tell Kenny right than and there about everything. Time we could have used to all escape.

If it wasn't for the group he would have been walker food a loooong time ago. I was done with him when he let Clem get out of the house on her own to follow Lee. HE HAS ONE JOB! To watch a child. To make sure the child didn't get away. There was no way I was going to let him put anyone else in danger to save his skin. Dropped him. Save yourself this time idiot.
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  • I didn't drop Ben 'cause I didn't have the heart to even though he's screwed up royally more than once.
  • The bun engine said... Drop him. So i dropped him
  • I dropped Ben!

    tho I admit his demise was a bit harsh.
    I expeced a simple splat but it just broke his legs and walkers got him.
    spending eternity crawling
  • Red Panda;692149 said:
    Nice poll. It's not like we can see what people did at the end of the episode.
    I knew you would say something about this panda :P but in my defense polls are fun, especially if you have daddy issues.
  • Jesus, I feel awkward. I got REALLY emotional at that scene. It was the only time I ever cried playing a video-game. The way it played out from the start made me panic, I was sure Ben was a goner. And as Ben tells Lee to let him go, and his hand starts slipping... I was like "Lee, don't you dare drop him! Don't you fucking dare!", I felt so damn good when I got the choice to pull him up and he didn't die. Ah, the relief :D
  • Well, I dropped him because of various reasons.

    He betrayed the group in first place at Motor Inn making a deal with the bandits.

    He doesn't protect Clementine and run away many times. Don't watch her when you asked for it.

    He removes the hatchet for the main doors, allowing to the zombies to enter.

    He confesses when he shouldn't... when you ask him not to do it NOW... with zombies stalking to the group.

    Well, considering this list we can consider Ben a danger for the group. Besides, he begged to me to drop him. I'm not proud of it but he wanted some kind of redemption and I gave it to him.

    If he hadn't begged me I probably didn't drop him, despite the list I've put.
  • I saved him. He is a growing teenager. He will make mistakes now but learn and reflect from these experiences later. c:
  • I saved him, even though I was calling him a coward the whole episode.
  • Motordead;691959 said:
    There was no way I was going to let him put anyone else in danger to save his skin. Dropped him. Save yourself this time idiot.
    Every single one of your 'reasons' are accidents. you kill people for accidents? what kind of vindictive person are you?

    Besides, if you were listening he wanted you to drop him and save everyone else, so that last bit of text is just pointless and incorrect.

    In all seriousness, thanks for giving him what he wanted, but I wasn't going to let another person die for any of those stupid reasons.
  • If the choice had been...

    [Save Ben] V. [Save Kenny]
    [Save Ben] V. [Save Omid]
    or well.... really...
    [Save Ben] V. [Save anyone else not actively trying to kill you]

    ... I think Ben would have died in my playthrough. He is more of a liability than anyone else in the party, for reasons discussed in detail above.

    But given [Save Ben] V. [Drop his Ass] as choices... throwing away a life didn't seem like Lee's style. Not how I play Lee, anyway.
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