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You didn't come in by the railroad... Did you?

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Does anyone remember Vernon saying this? To me, this was a clear indication that Vernon, when we were at the bell tower, spotted the herd from the end of episode three making their way towards Savannah.

This also leads me to believe that is why Lee finds the morgue empty. I imagine Vernon has probably packed up his people and left. What I can't understand, however, is why he would keep it from Lee's group?

Any thoughts?
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  • He's keeping it from Lee's group because he doesn't trust Lee to make the right decisions for Clementine... and he's seen how deranged Kenny can be. He doesn't want anything to do with Lee's group. He's got the medicine he needed and now he's gone.

    But yeah, his mention of the railroad immediately brought to mind the swarms of zombies following the train.
  • Yeah, I figured he noticed the Herd too.. But I would not understand why he moved out, they were well hidden in the bunker.

    Quite honestly i'm really excited for EP5
  • It looks like starting that fire as they escaped didn't seem to work. :(
  • I think the most likely reason for Vernon saying that is that he sees the gigantic horde coming from the railroad.

    However, I'm not sure if Vernon kidnapped Clem, or even if he had anything to do with the group at the morgue disappearing. There's still the unknown element of the man on the walkie-talkie, he could've been stalking Lee's group and kidnapped both Clem and Vernon, then coerced Vernon into bringing him to the morgue.

    It's all speculation, but we just don't have anything to go on. I'm just a little reluctant to believe that Vernon would kidnap Clem and move his group on his own initiative. That also doesn't explain how the man on the walkie has Clem now.
  • I find it odd he'd ask for Clementine if he noticed the Herd and then say "think about it" even if you agree with him, he knows everybody is going to get screwed and doesn't try to warn the man who agrees with him?
  • Why didn't anyone else notice it? They all went out the same window.
  • Yeah the zombie horde popped into my head too, and when they abandoned their bunker I thought he took off with his crew and took our train lol
  • Noticed that too. Thought we'd have to deal with the herd right then, as well as the walkers within the school as we made our way to the sewers. Episode 5 is gonna be a doozie...
  • Oh wow, the herd completely slipped my mind. Come to think of it, that probably makes the most sense, except for the fact that no one else saw it.

    I was thinking maybe he asked that because if we did, it meant the train was working, so maybe he wanted to take his group out of Savannah with our train?
  • Yes! I thought the same thing when he said that. And now that they are inside the place where Vernon was, I think they will have a hell of a time getting out.
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