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The decision that mattered most in this game... [SPOILERS]

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...was Ben's decision to feed the bandits. (Note, this shouldn't spoil episode four by itself but I can't control the other posters in this thread)

Everything else is a direct consequence of that poor decision, and we didn't even get to make it.

Sad enough, I agreed with Lilly's father about adding new mouths to feed in Episode 2, but didn't get the option to toss Ben out. 'Tis sad, really.

That said, it's still a great game, it just sucks that the biggest decision in the entire season wasn't really ours to make.
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    Thadeum BANNED
    I thought about the Ben's case, and I plead not guilty.

    Indeed, it's not him who threatened the group, it's bandits.

    It's not him who killed Duck, it's the horde.

    Ben sure had his role in those events, but in the end bandits or hordes would have fallen onto the group... It would just have been a matter of time.
  • I don't know if I can classify Ben's interaction with the bandits as a 'poor decision'. Maybe I am missing something or maybe I am too optimistic and forgiving.

    Like, it feels like Ben did not have a choice. The bandits already knew about the motel (the traumatised woman could film Clementine from the bandit camp) so I assume there would have been a trade system or fight either way.

    Ben not telling anyone about the trade was a poor decision, I think. It caused distrust in the group. But the character is still still a teenager. (14-17?) He is young and has life lessons to learn and will grow up with experience. c:
  • I feel like his decision to do so when the group had been recently starving and the bandits were knowingly attacking us throughout Episode 2 was tantamount to theft. He should have warned at least one other person and gotten their feedback, but it would appear he did not. Perhaps he told Katja or Carly, but he didn't tell Lee, Kenny, or Lilly, and it was pretty clear they were the ones that needed to know.

    It is pretty clear it was theft and perhaps it was something more than that, but it seems reasonable to say it was at least theft.
  • You get me real excited for this thread and you say its Ben a character I have no control overs decision. I dont think its his fault AT ALL, sure he should feel guilty (any normal person would) but at the time he thought he was helping the group AND he was probably being threatened by the bandits...

    Its a matter of opinion of course and there are valid arguments for both sides but it would be stupid to say everything is a result of his decision. However when he takes the axe out of the door handle... yea thats his fault for being a DUNCE
  • I agree somewhat, That Ben didn't tell anyone else was a bad decision. That he was giving the Bandits supplies was stupid, No, He was operating under the assumption that they had a friend of his(He states as much when he confesses) whether or not he felt harm would come to his friend if he let anyone else in on the deal is never discussed. However as someone else already stated he's a kid, he was still in high school when this started, he's naive as hell and somewhat clueless as to how cruel the world can be and some of the decisions he's made showed that he is not exactly firing on all cylinders(taking the axe out of the door handles) but in his mind he saw something that could possibly be used later on(fortunate for lee he did take it out and give it back to him)
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