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Is Lee's death/zombification inevitable?

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This is probably a stupid question since nobody in the Walking Dead universe has survived a walker bite but just curious. Is there no way he can just chop off his hand or does the bite spread very quickly? I just don't want him to die because he seems like the only one who can take care of Clementine and it would seem weird for someone like Kenny to do it. Unless her parents are alive, which I doubt.

Also, how come he wasn't already feeling ill after the bite? Duck started feeling down right after they left the motor inn on the RV while Lee was able to talk normally and make the trip to the morgue to find Clementine.

So yeah, is he hopeless or is there a slim chance the devs will defile the lore and get him cured?
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  • JacUK;692798 said:
    Its a game not a real apocalypse

    And in a game the good guys usually wins.
    Well in the apocalypse you don't win. This is a more a realistic portrayal of an apocalypse and "winning" isn't realistic.

    "In the end, the dead always win".
  • Lee's dead. It's just too clean to kill him at the end of the season. He's a murderer who atoned by raising Clem, but now he must pay the price for his murder, blah blah. Clem lives. Lee dies. No one accuses TWD of a happy ending, and everyone buzzes about how amazing it is that a game killed a protagonist.

    The shock would be killing Clem, not Lee. Then people would say that all the effort they put into raising Clem went to waste.
  • I always found it odd for him to get bitten now. Wouldn't it be more reasonable in episode 5. Now it's just making me all depressed knowing that he's a goner. And to know that episode 5 won't come for like 1-2 months... bite me already.
  • Lee will die.I don't think its a plywood or dream.I watched on the video and that was definitely the bite from the walker when he grabbed walkie-talkie.

    I liked Lee.The things he have done for Clem,for the group,even for the people he doesn't like(try to save Larry etc.) He was a great character.But not everyone is invincible.We should have seen this coming.There's no happy ending in this apocalypse.

    In ep.5 he has one mission only.He'll save Clem , make sure she has somebody to take care of her,and then die peacefully by killing himself or shot by someone from the group.I think it will be heroic enough...
  • Or Clementine will shoot him when he turns...
  • My problem with the bite is that NO ONE EVEN RAISED IT AS A POSSIBILITY! It has been established in the comics that Dale has survived a bite by amputation. Yes they did it immediately, but at least they thought of doing it. Here, everyone just says "Well that sucks..." It feels too much like a set-up...
  • JacUK;692711 said:
    Telltale is keeping trailers and spoilers closed, so it could go either way, they might let Lee not be bit and it was just a scratch from the plywood that was there, or they could let it be as most think a bite and he will die after he of course has saved Clem who will go with Kenny, Christa and Omid

    Which could be seen as justice, he killed someone before the outbreak and now he will "pay" that life back.

    But in my opinion Telltale shoots themselves in the foot with that.

    I dont get it and for me it will ruin the game, if i wanted to have a bad ending, i would just watch real life.
    Wrong franchise, i'm sorry you expected a good ending man :(

    Read afew chapters of the walking dead comic, It isn't leading up to a good ending.
  • It's possible that they don't know you can stop the infection by amputating. Not everyone knows how it works, and they haven't met anyone who has survived a bite.
  • My theory for the reason why they chose to let Lee get bitten at the climax of Episode 4 is to build up to the Grand Finale. I'm sure it may have crossed their mind to say, 'Hmm, how about we let him get bitten in episode 3?' but then someone would say, 'Alright, that won't work. How can he survive for two whole episodes after without becoming a zombie like Duck did. Hell, he didn't even last 24 hours.' I'm guessing the focus on the last game in this season will be watching as Lee slowly succumbs to zombification, the emotional turmoil that will no-doubt transpire, especially between Clementine and Lee when Clementine realises what's going to happen. The game series wants to mess with your head and draw you in. And it succeeds quite well. Imagine how much it'll draw us in when the 5th rolls about.

    My request?

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASSSSEEEEEEEEE let the violin music play for most of the game????? The music that plays during the sad and melancholic scenes, like after Molly departs. I can't get enough of that music because of how fitting it is.
  • I think Lee has to die in order to usher in a new story and characters. In the second season I think we will play as the sheriff or that little Asian guy. But I was very angry when I saw the bite mark.
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