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My last hope for a somewhat happy ending.

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Well Lee's bitten and clem is kidnapped...Oh the walking dead is always full of happy endings. But on to the topic at hand. I never really grew attached to a character in any game except lee. Even in the mass effect games. Over the course of 3 games and more then 10 hours a game When Shepard (main character in mass effect) died in the end I did not feel my self as sad as I am now.

Perhaps it's best this way that we know Lee's fate is sealed. We don't have to spend the upcoming months with everyone saying, "I HOPE LEE MAKES IT!" We know its coming and theirs nothing we can do. In some games I find myself wishing the main character would die since most games don't do it and it would be a change. NOT this one.

Now that's off my chest I can say my only somewhat happy ending will be if Lee eventually kills the walkie-talkie man gets clem back and finds her parents. I do hope to have the parents and clem thank me for all that I have done for clementine and we can maybe have a few minutes to cry together. Somewhere along the lines I hope to meet up with vernon (unless hes the one who kidnapped clem.) and have him take care of clem and her parents. After we dry our tears I till them to put me out of my misery and have someone shoot me.

I know her parents are not likely alive but there's always hope ( that's what I said about Lee maybe making it through.) As for the others in the group that came along with me, Kenny, Omid, christa and ben. They will all be dead as I used them as meatshields to get to clementine to say my goodbyes and leave her with vernon.
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  • Err who expects or even wants a happy ending in a zombie apocalypse scenario?? keep it real
  • dubesor;692998 said:
    Err who expects or even wants a happy ending in a zombie apocalypse scenario?? keep it real
    I know that's why I said , "Oh the walking dead is always full of happy endings" *sarcasm*. I was just stating. But whats the point of playing any of this season or future seasons if there is never any chance at a SOMEWHAT happy ending... knowing everyone is going to die in the end. Of course I would have loved Lee and clem to live and sail of to a private island to live off the land for the rest of their lives, but I know that was never going to happen. Was just stating what my prefered ending would be.
  • Its sad, really, I knew Lee was going to die this way the moment Clem was introduced, its just the only way they could have ended this, it was the only way for a dramatic ending, your on burrowed time now and you know it, the methods you would use before are meaningless because you know your dead now, the only goal for most may be getting to Clem and stopping the talkie man. TBH it was Clem or Lee, one of them had to die this way, and tell me you would have prefered it be Clem...
  • Lee doesn't have to die. If he's any smart... he wont and after getting Clem back he'll heroically sever his own hand with Vernon around to give due attention and aid.

    Season 2 will be from Clem's perspective and will be years in the future... Molly/Clem will be girl pals (Molly being Clem's mentor/trainer) and Lee (depending on the player's choice) will be a side character.

    A man can dream. :(
  • ytman;693039 said:
    A man can dream. :(
    Everyone deserves that right :(
  • was i the only 1 yelling at lee to cut off his own hand?
  • Pellet;693044 said:
    was i the only 1 yelling at lee to cut off his own hand?
    Not yet. He needs to at least save Clem. He'll be no good to her without his arm.
  • 'Not Yet'? The longer he waits, the more the infection will premeate his blood stream. He should have cut it off right then and there and trusted Christa or another deadshot with the combat.
  • Pellet;693044 said:
    was i the only 1 yelling at lee to cut off his own hand?
    Then he should do something to not bleed to death. Remember, the doctor was already gone.
  • Screw Happy Endings
    "Eventually, the dead always win."
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