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Why didn't Molly hug me??? :'((

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When I played I was very nice to molly. I said I understand her when she told about her sister and such.. but when she said goodbye she never came to hug me. when i watched a lets play on youtube she went up to Lee and hugged him! But not me! Wtf. What do I need to say or do to make her hug me?
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  • Your lee isn't handsome.

    Hmm I suspect that it depends on every little stupid fucking conversation choices you have made with her.

    Did you win the duel when you first met her though?
  • Uff let me see if I can remember what choices they had.
    I blocked both of her attacks. I told her why she is leaving us. I stopped kenny from shooting her. When she was beating the zombie I said I think she got him. and I said I understand her when she explained about her sister. and when she left our group I said why she doesnt come with us on the boat. Basically I choose always very nice replies towards her. so it pisses me off to see someone else gets hugged but not me.
  • Did you or Clem save her life?
  • She hugged me. It was so, so good.
  • YamiRaziel;693087 said:
    Did you or Clem save her life?
    Yeah Yeah That is also very important factor though. But wasn't she automatically dead if you (or Clem) couldn't save her? I don't know the outcome.

    Maybe Just maybe Did you (the op) kill Ben?
  • I didn't kill Ben :)
    Kenny gave me the look as he was commanding me to drop Ben so I thought "FUCK YOU KENNY" and pulled Ben up :D
  • did you ask her about the tape you found?

    I chose to drop the subject, so in turn she doesn't know that i know about the arrangement she had with Dr. Logan
  • That's odd.

    She clobbered me, I shouted at Kenny to wait, I brought up the tape and got the info on her sister, let Ben drop the second time, and she still hugged me.
  • what choices did they make in the let's play? What were different to yours. She didn't hug my Lee either.

    Are there some conversations you can miss with her, like with others?
  • I did not find the tape that talked about her past, blocked all attack her, Clem shot the walker for me, I saved Ben, and she still hugged me.: D: D: D: D: D: P
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