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The Walking Dead Ep 4 RELEASE DATES ARE OUT! PSN NA October 9th, PC/Mac/Xbox 10th!

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Because if I don't make this thread, someone else will. As of now, no prize, because I'm still finishing The Ripper's comic cover.

If-and only if- I finish it by the end of the first week of September, I'll offer what I did last time, one randomly chosen person from those who guess the correct date (I'll make multiple winners if console and PC are not released on the same day) will get a TWD cover of themselves (or a friend/family member)

iOS releases are on a different schedule, so that doesn't count as a win. Just Mac/PC-Xbox-PS3 guesses.

Happy guessing!

-Sorry I remade the thread, poll wasn't working properly.
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  • Well, thanks to my friend insomnia, I thought I'd try now (close to Telltale time) when there may be fewer people trying to download. No such luck, the download won't go beyond 0% now. I do know that at some time every night, Telltale is down for maintenance or something, so this may be that time. Although if it is, I don't think I'll be able to post. Hopefully there will be some change today.
  • Yup same here, won't go any higher than 0% >.> this is actually worse than having to wait for it longer than a month...
  • I kept having this same connection error since yesterday dust so I don't know
  • Having the same problem, although i got to 76% last night then connection error

    Kept trying and it would pick up from 60% only to error soon after

    Now it wont budge from 0.00% :confused:
  • I've gotten back to the tease fase. It downloads until about 38/39 or if I am lucky 40 percent. Then it has a connection error and when I start the download over again I am at 10 percent again. I can't get further than 40% and it will go back to 10% without fail.
    I am scared that if I shut down the program it will just go back to the "you have no connection" malarky
  • If it gets stuck at a certain percentage, when you reconnect it should continue where it left. Happened to me on episode 2-3 aswell.
  • Nah this is not like episode 2 or 3. There I made some progress every time. One moment it would go back to 10 percent then I tried again and after a failure it would go back to 23 percent and the percentage downloaded would keep getting higher and higher.
    Now it is stuck in between 38 to 40 percent and it keeps going down to 10 percent. I restarted the download about 7 times, each time it goes back to 10 percent, each time it won't go past 40 percent max.
  • is the episode out in ps3 europe ?
  • I don't think so imafuckinzombie...Supposedly updates are to be confirmed "SOON". As for the connection error I never had a problem with the previous once's
  • europeans are always screwed :c
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