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Thoughts on Christa and Omid as of now?

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What are your thoughts on the new characters; Christa and Omid as of Episode 4?
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    Thadeum BANNED
    They seemed 'transparent' to me. Christa was only worrying about Omid, she seems to love, and Omid was just taken away of the episode. I did not learn much about them.

    In fact I would have prefer to know more about Chuck. I suppose we will know more about Omid and Christa soon... Maybe the next real "parents" for Clementine??
  • I was on the fence about them at first but they haven't did me wrong so I'm cool with them.
  • I didn't really care for them, they're alright. But I'll do what I can for Christa since she's pregnant. Felt bad after episode 3 though since I saved Omid because he hurt his leg, I didn't even know Christa was pregnant at the time haha :o
  • I think they're great. Omid has an upbeat personality that I like, even if Christa clearly wears the pants. Christa seems courageous and protective, and with further development could involve into a great leader. The fact that she was able to witness your actions with Clementine and see that she truly IS safe with you and that you are actually doing an outstanding job of taking care of her and the way it seems to cause her to have a lot of respect for you really makes this couple shine for me, and I REALLY hope they both survive Episode 5.
  • Well they might have to be the new er step parents of clementine.
  • I like them alot. And think that given the circumstance I know face as Lee
    They would make suitable guardians for Clem.
  • Christa is ok now, I guess, and Omid is surprisingly still alive. Not much more to say than that.
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