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Thoughts on Christa and Omid as of now?

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What are your thoughts on the new characters; Christa and Omid as of Episode 4?
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  • As of the end of episode 4, I'm glad they're around. They seem to trust me. I don't want to say much else in case it's too spoiler-y, but I feel protective over Christa due to the fact she may be pregnant. Maybe it's some sort of sisterly bonding thing. Even though I'm playing as Lee. :P
  • Joshua1991;692346 said:
    What are your thoughts on the new characters; Christa and Omid as of Episode 4?
    I like them, Omid especially. I was really happy to see he made it, although I spent the whole game going, Omid is going to die...Omid is going to die.... So, pleasant surprise.
  • Christa is a bitch who is too demanding. Who does she think she is? She just joined the group but is constantly bossing everyone around.
  • I'm cool with them now. I fired Kenny as a group member and let Ben fall as he asked me to.

    Doesn't matter to me anymore now that Lee is done.
  • ruairi46;693165 said:
    Well they might have to be the new er step parents of clementine.
    Well since they were the only one's willing to help me find Clem, I think she's also probably gonna end up with them if my Lee kicks the bucket in 5.
  • "if" Lee kicks the bucket? He's a goner.
  • Like i've already thought are awesome
  • I love Omid, favourite survivor yet. Mark was my #1 before but Omid tops him.
  • Yeah, Omid is all right. I'm hoping that Clem ends up with Christa and Omid at the end of 5, they're the only group members since Carley or Chuck with their heads and hearts in the right places. Everybody else is either an idiot or a selfish twat.
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