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Questions for the Walking Dead team!

posted by Jake Telltale Alumni on - last edited - Viewed by 39.5K users
Hey guys, I know it's still early days on this project, and we're a ways off from talking about anything concrete, but it seemed like as good a time as any to start an official Q&A thread!

In all honesty there isn't a lot we can talk about yet -- we were going to do press for the game at PAX East last month, but held off when we realized that our answer to almost any conceivable standard press question would be "no comment, yet" -- but I trust you guys to rise above the standard questions, and come up with some Walking Dead stuff we can discuss, so have at it. Ask away!
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  • I feel so cheated... Everything just gone...because a fucking scene crashed
  • mkane24;692894 said:
    I feel so cheated... Everything just gone...because a fucking scene crashed
    dude im in the same boat. i cant believe it. saved data error? ive never seen that before this game. deleted ALL MY PROGRESS??

    will someone from telltale pls take responsibility? this ep was 10x better than ep3, but at the VERY END, it gave me the saved data corruption error. There is no justice, u paid 20$ to get ripped off. dont even bother trying to play thru again, you'll get to ep3 and it will do the same thing.
    WHERE YOU AT TELLTALE TEAM? nowhere to be found. cowards.
  • can you make the next protagonist another black male?
  • i hear ya thugnasty. the whole appeal of this game to me was the decisions i would make under i can never recreate that first play through... its just fucking gone.
  • marcu5;693441 said:
    can you make the next protagonist another black male?
    I'm happy that Lee and Clem got their chance to shine in a really good game and as the main characters. This is the walking dead, there is no happy ending. The game had people from all walks of life and I thank Telltale for that.
  • Ok, so the save corruption happened to someone at the end of the game?
    Mine happened in the (may be a spoiler, might not be... skip if you want) school hallway on my way to search the zombie doctor for a tape.
    I was so upset... not that I have to replay the game to get the story decisions I initially had, but that it happened before I could finish this chapter I've been dying to play.
    It erased all three of my save files so I'm not even sure what happened.

    Any response from the tech team?
  • I heard you're making a second season. Is it going to be DLC or a completely new game which you need to buy separately for 24,99 euros? (Steam Price).
  • Episode 4 was amazing! Thank you! Anyway, this question has already been asked I think, but dont have time to look through 53 pages.

    Will there be subtitles? and if so, for what countries? I'd love to buy one or two games as christmas presents, except, I'm not so sure they can handle english that well.
  • I came home yesterday thinking I could play the game. But it said connection lost when I tried to download it and that I should check my internet connection. I do NOT have a problem with my internet connection. Anyway that evening ruined I thought that I would spend this evening playing the game. But it is the same problem. Connection lost. Please, anyone from Tell Tale Team, can you at least confirm that you have recieved information regarding this problem? I sent you an e mail yesterday but have not recieved a reply.
  • So the game is still not working. Can a member of the team please send out an apology or a form of explanation or maybe just some type of confirmation that some member of TTG is still alive.
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