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Is Lee's death/zombification inevitable?

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This is probably a stupid question since nobody in the Walking Dead universe has survived a walker bite but just curious. Is there no way he can just chop off his hand or does the bite spread very quickly? I just don't want him to die because he seems like the only one who can take care of Clementine and it would seem weird for someone like Kenny to do it. Unless her parents are alive, which I doubt.

Also, how come he wasn't already feeling ill after the bite? Duck started feeling down right after they left the motor inn on the RV while Lee was able to talk normally and make the trip to the morgue to find Clementine.

So yeah, is he hopeless or is there a slim chance the devs will defile the lore and get him cured?
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  • My guess is they ALL die except Clem, and in the end she get saved by a new group (her mom might be one of them) wish will appear to be next season group. That might be a good way to link the first and second season.
  • I don't really care whether Lee dies or we play as him in the next season. What will piss me off though is if we get a new character and they kill him off as well in the second season to end it off.

    Then it would just feel like a cheap gimmick to be 'edgy' and 'dark'. But that said, bring on episode 5.
  • Sheriff or the small Asian guy???
    I hope you're not referring to who I think you're referring to...
  • MissDRJ;693139 said:
    I think Lee has to die in order to usher in a new story and characters. In the second season I think we will play as the sheriff or that little Asian guy. But I was very angry when I saw the bite mark.
    Telltale will never have us play as Rick or Glenn. That storyline is for the comics and the TV series. They are handling original characters.
  • Sir Fruitcakes;692983 said:
    Wrong franchise, i'm sorry you expected a good ending man :(

    Read afew chapters of the walking dead comic, It isn't leading up to a good ending.
    Wrong franchise my ...

    The only problem is gaming developers thinking grimdark/depressing endings are totally cool, artistic, creative and hipster. Just have a look at Mass Effect 3 how great their fabulous grimdark red/blue/green slap to the face ending turned out to be.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with Lee dieing when his death is for a good cause, such as getting the choice to sacrifice himself for Clementine. But since they decided to railroad Lee to death, just like they did with Carley, his inevitable death is just frustrating, lame and boring. This isn't a graphic novel or a movie, this is a computer game after all! Make it interactive, not passive! If The Walking Rollercoaster was a bad game, I wouldn't bother complaining but since it isn't, it's just a shame they dump Lee just like that.

    Intelligent storywriting in computer games is creating depression without frustrating players, instead of just smashing everyone with the pain train they could left the choice of survival or sacrifice to the player. Instead, they sentenced him to death for no reason. This is the Mass Effect-Effect: Knowing your protagonist is going to die no matter what you do just kills off any potential replay value this game ever has. What's the point in playing Episode 5, since Lee's going to end up dead, anyway?
  • The point would be to choose to sacrifice yourself to save Clementine instead of choosing the easy way out, which would be resigning yourself to zombi-fication.
    His being bitten will probably take out a bit of the dilemma with sacrificing himself for Clementine - since he's dead anyway. But then again - for me at least - that's not really a dilemma at all.

    Come to think of it - maybe it comes down to sacrificing himself for either Clementine or the group - or Clementine's parent(s) or the group.
  • Juicymarmalade;692686 said:
    Oh and I forgot to mention, how are they going to replace Lee in the announced second season of the game when everyone's grown attached to him and what not?
    I was honestly more attached to Molly than I was to Lee. I want her to teach me that CQC shit.
  • I find it a bit much that Clem deserts Lee, as if he didn't matter. The bleakness of this story line is getting to be a bit much, even for an existentialist like me.

    I'll wager that Lee is going to die and Clem shoots him in the head. Prediction for Episode 5. Any takers?
  • Now that I know that Lee is a dead duck I'm gonna rewind and let Ben fall. Lee's dead, so what's the point of letting that cockroach live?

    Besides, Clem deserts Lee and runs off with whoever. C'est la guerre.
  • I don't think Clem deserted Lee. I think she was captured. At first we think it's the doctor (can't remember his name), but his voice and the voice on the walkie are definitely not the same. So we're waiting to find out who it was. But Clem would never willingly leave Lee behind. Sure she's headstrong, like when she climbed through the dog door, but there's a huge difference between that and just plain running off. She was taken, and we need to get her back.

    Also, I think Lee was bitten in order to open up new possibilities for the second season. I think we'll be playing as Clem, maybe a few years older and wiser than she is now, and her struggled to survive without Lee to look after her. If any of the other characters from this game are in it too I don't know, we'll see how many of them survive episode 5, but I think Clem will become our main protagonist.
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