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Has anyone managed to stop Molly from hititng them, or grabbing the weapon back?

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Has anyone managed to stop Molly from hitting them, or grabbing the weapon back?
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  • eblocksonian;690974 said:
    Has anyone managed to stop Molly from hitting them, or grabbing the weapon back?
    Lee 1, Orange Ninja 0!

    Molly took a right to the face but came back for more (impressive) but was not fast enough. She took a left to the face and went down. I was just about to blow her away with Carley's glock when Clem showed up...another time....

    After watching the trailer way too many times, it felt really good to kick her ass!:D. On the first try too. Need to remember the fight with Kenny, just aim for the dots on her hands.
  • i hit girls.... but yea it wasn't on my first playthrough, i don't think its humanly possible to do it lol
  • RoboSheriff;691757 said:
    i hit girls....
    Spoken like a true coward.
  • Nope. She knocked me down in one hit.

    I think Lee's ego was as brusied as his face after that. :(
  • I swear I managed to click on her hand, but apparently I wasn't fast enough, and she beat the hell outta me.

    I retried it until I beat her, just to see what would happen.
  • NikolajDeluke;691759 said:
    Spoken like a true coward.
    I hit girls who I think are men that try to hit me.
    I also would hit a girl who was trying to nail me with her ice pick.
    Molly is very capable of killing you, if you didn't fight back and had Clementine not saved you. Molly would have killed you
  • I'm pretty sure I clicked her hand when she first tried to hit me with the Spike Remover, but the game seemed to disagree with me. So yeah, got my ass totally kicked.
  • I got Molly Whopped literally. I tried to react, but was too slow. I did manage to save her by shooting the zombie. You just had to wait a bit for the correct moment. Clem was back at the house hiding.

    I got absolutely stomped by Kenny in the train as well.

    I think the only fist fight with another human being I won was against Andrew St. John and he still gave me some good shots.
  • No, she beat me down but I did save her myself at the school. On the second shot, but still.
  • Molly was designed to be very tough to beat at least on the first playthrough. According to early stats only 14% of players have managed it.

    She always kicks Kenny's ass no matter what :)
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