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When did Lee get a knock on the head?

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I just finished playing through episode 4.
Aside from a few weird moments in the previous episodes, I've enjoyed the game(s) so far, and I enjoyed most of the 4th instalment.

When getting towards the end of the episode there are 2 major moments where I felt that the game went below standard and ruined just a bit of the experience.

1: When Clementine asks if we can go search for her parents:
Why in the hell isn't that an option? "Sure we can go look for them tomorrow morning. We don't have much time, but we wont leave Savannah without giving it a shot" (or something to that effect). Then you (would have) spend(t) the next morning looking for her parents. Of course you wont find them, but dammit - how come it's not even an option. All we get is a [LIE] option? Are we really in that much of a rush to get out on a stupid boat - which is a horrible idea anyway (and one which we can't reject) - that we can't look around for 4 hours?

2: When Lee gets bitten:
I really found this to be a case of dumbing down a character, because the plot required it to be done.
"I'll just look behind this board, by sticking my hands behind it and rummaging around"? A seasoned zombie killer wouldn't kick down the board, or push it aside?
It struck me a somewhat out of character - although granted he does have a serious problem with checking his corners (second visit to the auto-shop comes to mind).

Of the two, I'm definitely most annoyed with the first. All through my playthrough I've attempted to do whatever seemed best for Clementine. My stated goal is that I don't care what anyone thinks of me - even Clementine - as long as she's safe and happy. Let's say I talked to her about staying behind with the doc. If she was up for it, it would've been fine by me. Of course I would've stayed too, since there's really no reason not to. (A boat... with Kenny? That sure sounds enjoyable...)

The above two things hasn't gotten me all "I will never play your games again" - of course I will. Episode 5 can't get here fast enough - but please no more plot convenient idiocy.

To end on a good note I will say that I loved the option to tell Kenny to go F himself! I've been waiting for a chance to kill him off, this was a suitable alternative I guess.
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  • I agree with number 1. To be fair, with number 2 he's freaking out about missing Clementine and probably half expecting to find her body there behind the trash bins, so his own safety isn't his top priority at that moment.
  • I maintain that he is acting a bit too dumb, but that does make it more understandable. I guess we can add the fact that he just woke up from what must've been a really heavy sleep :)
    (If only he had rested when I clicked the beds in the game. "I can rest later" = mistake :P)
  • BlankCanvasDJ;693442 said:
    I agree with number 1. To be fair, with number 2 he's freaking out about missing Clementine and probably half expecting to find her body there behind the trash bins, so his own safety isn't his top priority at that moment.
    Honestly, If the had let me I had let Lee approach the Trash bins from the left side, so Lee can actually see what's behind the cardboard, but nooooooooo. Invisible walls force me to go straight to the stuff and even if I klick the garbage he still grabs the walkie talkie and gets bitten like an idiot.

    So Lee ends up as another rollercoaster casualty in this game, just like Carlie, Chuck, Ben's colleague, Mark, Shawn, Larry, Katjaa and Duck. Quite frankly, I didn't expect them to lame the main protagonist to death just like that.
  • Doesn't matter. Choices don't matter. The writers have already decided that Lee is a dead duck, so there you have it.

    What bothers me is that Clem would abandon Lee after all they've been through.

    Turns out she's not worth it after all. That's the bleakest point of the whole thing.
  • She didn't abandon him, she was kidnapped. At most, she went out into the backyard.
  • I believe you are correct about Clem - her hat was in the yard after all.
  • I thought it was a nice touch. It was a lot like a night of drinking.

    Lee last night while drunk: "Whoo! I'm shotgunnin all of these sons-of-bitches and then going John Rabbo while running up a flight of stairs! I'm enveencible!"

    Lee in the morning while hungover: "Guess I'll just grab this walky-talky here and... aw hell. Kenny? What's the button for you to put me out of my misery?"
  • RE: Clem being gone - she takes the walkie because the guy promised her he could help find her parents. She goes into the backyard to talk and meet up with him and he kidnaps her.
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