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Always been on Kenny's side - he stays behind ??

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Ok, i dont get this.

Ive always been on kenny's side literally.

Helped kill larry, defended duck etc.

Still he refuses to come with me?

I helped him with duck been honest with him, still he says "you looked out for me in the beginning but recently i kept looking out for myself instead than me"


I checked all my episode stats, and i was always on his side...
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  • This annoys me, I've been Kenny's bro and he was mean to me here. Could telltale not just tell us what requirements there are for him to be nice to you there?
  • Matrox Yang;694019 said:
    This annoys me, I've been Kenny's bro and he was mean to me here. Could telltale not just tell us what requirements there are for him to be nice to you there?
    well i sided with him on everything and i let Ben die.
  • Kenny... only nice if you murder other people for him.
    Sick bastard...
  • I wonder what are the exact figures for Kennys loyalty work? I side with him on everything except Ben and I have to convince him a little bit. May be a glitched save.

    Whatever Kennys still awesome though
  • I didn't kill Ben and Kenny still said he'd be a terrible friend if he didn't come as I always had his back.
  • Hassat Hunter;694047 said:
    Kenny... only nice if you murder other people for him.
    Sick bastard...
    Both Larry and Ben are understandable. There was a good chance Larry was already dead, and Kenny was only preventing him from reanimating. Ben got Kenny's entire family killed in front of his eyes, the family he gave up his humanity to save. Ben...

    1. Got Duck and Kat killed through his deal with the bandits. Ben admits that it is his fault.
    2. Took the hatchet out from the door and let walkers swarm the school, putting everyone at risk and getting Brie killed.

    Plus, he was stupid enough to tell Kenny he was responsible for Kat and Duck's deaths while Kenny was slamming a door down, walkers were everywhere, and it looked like the group was about to die. Because of what Ben did. I'm actually surprised Lee and Vernon were able to hold Kenny back. It's been two days AT MOST since Kat and Duck died. Not only has Kenny even begun to cope, but Ben put everyone's life in danger again and gave Kenny yet ANOTHER reason to kill him. You can't fault Kenny for wanting Ben dead, after everything the kid put him through.
  • Let's see...

    I'm pretty sure I sided with him on just about everything. I saved and defended Duck, took his side during the arguments, found food and water for Duck, helped kill larry, sided with him again, talked him into stopping the train, killed Duck for him, gave him the gun so he'd shoot the kid...

    The only thing I did that he disapproved of was saving Ben. Even then, Kenny needed no convincing to come with me.
  • Kenny's refused me twice - I'm going to have to play about with the choices and see what's triggering it.

    First game, I goofed at the tractor - missed that there was a second hotspot to click after trying to save Duck and the timer ran out on me, reasoned with Larry, generally leaned towards Kenny but took a guarded "let's see what everyone else has to say"/"Let's examine other options" approach and often didn't give him the commitment he wanted at the big crisis points - especially with Larry. Shot Duck, talked Kenny into shooting the starved kid, told Kenny he ought to kick Ben's ass when we'd got out of the school, and hauled said ass out of the belltower for the kicking. Chose the "Clem's my family" line and he exploded on me, much like Herschel exploded on him.

    Second game, I'd played through going pretty much the opposite of what I'd done before - I don't remember that one as well as my main playthrough, but I recall that I saved Shaun and held Lilly back while Kenny killed Larry. I let Kenny shoot Duck, killed the starved kid myself, voted to keep Ben when Clem spoke up then dropped him down the belltower. Kenny seemed more conflicted - "I'm a Christian man, but I've got to think what would you do if I was in your shoes". I chose the "Kenny, I NEED you" line and he refused.

    My third save seems to have been a lot more pro-Kenny going into Ep3 than the other two - I saved Shaun and picked a fight with Larry when he threatened Duck - maybe that's going to be the key.
  • Loads of people were also calling for his death after ep 3 for what happened to Carely so it's not like we don't understand it. Anyway what would you do if Clem (who is actually you're daughter) and Carely (who has been your happy wife for years) were both killed because of Bens mistake. And you have had little time to grieve. Does that help anyone understand Kennys point of view?
  • Zombies are Awesome!;693749 said:
    Yea Kenny came with me, saying "Lee you've had my back from the beginning, what kinda friend would i be if i didn't help you now, Bitten or not im with you till the end" Thats my boy!
    I almost teared up when he said that. I loved the scene where they found the boat and he dropped the bottle of whiskey and smiled.
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