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[TWD] Xbox game save glitches.

posted by detroitspawn on - last edited - Viewed by 538 users
I dont know if anyone else is having this issue, but since getting Walking Dead episode 4 I haven't been able to save any of my other games properly.
It registers all three of my game flies as one big file.

For instance, on game file 1 I beat episode 4. At the episode 2, I helped raid the car we found and got fresh supplies and the sweater for Clem.
However in the second game file, I did no such thing. Clem and I stood in the back ground as the others looted and thus she didn't have the sweater.

I played and beat episode 4 last night and this afternoon I hoped on to play through on my second file. I thought it was odd when the 'Choose a episode' thing sent me right to episode 5, but I didn't think much of it at the time. I rewinded the episode and lo and behold, Clem was wearing that red sweater. So I quickly exited the game, restarted my xbox, and when I looked at all three of my save files the only one that had changed was my top one. It was back to episode three.

Now all my save files are pretty much null. Can someone help me with this issue? Link me to whomever already had this solved, or should I start asking for a refund?
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  • Having the exact same problem with Xbox. I hope we hear a reply from a mod about this issue soon as this basically makes the game unplayable unless u want to play the same thing over and over again which is not the point.

    Please give us some feedback on this and if there's neone else having this problem.
  • I got the same thing, hope a patch comes out soon.
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