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Why would people bring Clem to Crawford?

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I honestly don't understand people who take Clem on the mission. They plan to sneak into a base at night filled with people with guns who have probably been trained and are pretty twisted people. If you leave her at least you can give her a gun and tell her to hide?

Anyone care to explain taking Clem on the mission with them?
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  • Because every time I didn't keep Clem close to me, bad things happened. So where I am going, I'm taking her if I get offered the option. Also, I'm learning her to survive, she has already proved herself vital for the group, she needed the experience. Her killing her first walker in the school only confirmed for me that I was right.

    I also figured whoever was watching was the walkie talkie man and he was just waiting for me to leave her alone.
  • I'm with you, although now that I listen to some of these arguments I wonder why I wasn't terrified of the mystery man on the walkie talkie snatching her away.

    And she's vastly more competent than Ben, so there's that.
  • I agree Clem could be helpful but I honestly don't think she could be taken on high risk missions against guys with guns. She obviously still makes rash decisions like going into the dog-flap with no weapon or following me and Kenny across Savannah. In this mission she may have to make life/death decisions and I doubt she could always make the right ones. Not to mention if bullets start flying, there's not much Lee can do to stop her getting shot. He can't always grab the danger and smash its face.

    Not to mention I'm not comfortable using little girls as assets or sticking her in that much danger.

    Also seems kind of hypocritical saying she can handle herself in Crawford with bullets flying but not in a house with maybe one walker and maybe a stranger. She has already proved herself at running and hiding.
  • Why not? The was a creeper stalking us at the house anyway. Do you think I let he be alone with a crippled Omid? Damn no. She is the safest with Lee. Plus she can crawl through tiny entrances etc.
  • Wrighty I took her with me because I figured Lee wouldn't be like "Hah let's leave her with Ben, nothing could possibly go wrong around Ben!" bless his heart, but still I figured Clem would stay with Lee and figured if Clem was with Lee she would be safe.
  • I brought because she is helpful and I didn't want to leave her with Omid, what if he died and turned? Clem could just be eaten that night. Or maybe she could just run off again.
  • Lets face it, shes the most capable and efficient member of the group right now.
    Not only she helped me a ton in every episode, she can handle a gun, she is smart and most of all, I can trust her.

    I dont look at her as a kid, rather then as a survivor. Mee ( my Lee ) and her are a team.
  • I brought her along. I had no faith in Omid's ability to protect her when he couldn't even walk or get out of bed. I also didn't want risk Omid turning and infecting her. And of course there's the guy stalking the group if he showed up Omid would be helpless and I'm not sure Clem would be able to shoot a living person. And finally leaving her with the group before was useless, she was able to get out then with a handful of people watching and now we're supposed to expect a badly injured Omid to keep her in the house? I figured that she'd tag along either way and I'd rather have her with the group instead of following from behind while alone in the dark.

    Also I'm surprised there was no option to leave her with Vernon's people. They were completely safe and had supplies and adults to look after her.
  • Wrighty;694091 said:
    If you leave her at least you can give her a gun and tell her to hide?

    Anyone care to explain taking Clem on the mission with them?
    for the first question, that has clearly failed to work the past few times you tried, half the reason for bringing her is that she doesnt wander off on her own

    the other half is, theres some creepy guy that knows where you live, so u cant leave here there alone
  • My reason, she needs to learn these things now. It's the best time for her to learn these things when shes being protected by all the adults. Shes in danger everywhere, might as well be in danger with me watching over.
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