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My Theory on season 1 finale

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My theory on the finale ending.

Heres my prediction on how this season will end. The last chapter will go something like this.

After losing a few more members of the group, Lee will finally kill the Radio guy who took Clementine. There will be a short scene of Lee and Clem reuniting.
Lee will show clem that he is bitten which would make her cry but then she will also show Lee that she is also bitten. The final choice in this season finale would to
die together or have Lee shoot Clem and then himself. Dark as hell but yea thats what telltale wants.

Lee: Look here sweetpea....I got something to tell you..(Shows the bite)
Clem: (Cries uncontrollably)
Lee: Everything is going to be ok, your safe now.
Clem: Everything is wrong! im not safe, were not safe
Lee: Its ok, we found you, were gonna take you back to the boat
Clem: ....Im gonna die....
Lee: What?! why would you say that?!
Clem: (shows him the bite on her hand)
Lee: oh
Clem: Its ok Lee, as long as we die together

(Other members of the group enter the room)

Other survivors: Is everything ok?
Lee: shes bitten, were both bitten..
Other survivor: oh god...Lee im so sorry. What are you going to do?

Choice#1 Lee: get to the boat, were staying....( choose to die together with clementine)
Choice#2 Lee: yourselves, im going to take care of Me and Clem (Choose to shoot her then yourself)
Choice#3 Lee: Someone finish this, we dont want to come back as walkers (Choose Other Survivor to shoot you and Clem)
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  • This is near what I suspect, as well, but do yourself and others a favor by going to the STORY Discussion thread next time.
  • I'm fully preparing myself for an "everyone dies" ending.
  • I can see everyone dying except Clem. Then season 2 starts with Clem by herself.
  • Here's my list of possible endings:

    I am Legend- Lee somehow immune to virus and story continues season 2, never going to happen because it's not telltale's style.

    BioHaz- Lee becomes a badass mutant zombeh and kills everyone.

    Super Sad- The ending you predicted in this thread

    The SAY WHAT?!?! ending- It turns out that the reason Lee was going to jail was because he was just arrested for smoking some bath salts and then killing a man, and the entire storyline was based on lee being passed out in the police car dreaming everything was happening. Lee will then wake up and the end of EP.5 and realize he was just really high and that none if it ever happened. That is until he arrives at the jail and as he is being escorted into the prison, he sees clementine walking on a sidewalk holding her parent's hand and she looks over at him as he walks through the prison door. The look in Clementine's eyes makes you wonder if she remembered everything that happened in Lee's dream. She then continues walking down the sidewalk and the screen rises into darkness and the walking dead logo pops up, and then the annoying credits come on as your still in shock as to what just happened.
  • Freshking27;694929 said:
    I can see everyone dying except Clem. Then season 2 starts with Clem by herself.

    Playing as Clem in Season 2 would be really interesting! Imagine all HER choices effecting the new groups decisions!
  • Simple End: Clementine will have to shoot Lee who turned into a walker. She will then probably be taken away by Vernon, or whoever survives season 1.

    I still have hopes however, that Lee is immune to the infection, but that probably won't happen.
  • i think some how lee lives on to the next season or season 1 ends at a cliff hanger and season 2 starts off with some other bad ass guy that tells his story from the beginning of the Apocalypse and showing his struggles and new group members
  • Failure is always a option.

    I mean by that, that I belive we may see Clem and Lee die in one (cannon) ending. Or that Lee fail in a number of diffrent ways, more ways to fail if you bring that life hazard referred to as "Ben" along, however one still ridicously glorious ending if everyone but Lee survives.

    Other possibile endings? Going Bioware style maybe...

    A zombie Clem giving us the options of:
    A: Make all: humans rabbits, birds, trees and the grass zombified. (Green)
    B: Destroy EVERYTHING that is carrying the virus A.K.A vast majority of mankind. (Red)
    C: Make all zombies stop killing humans and not hostile but not friendly either, sort of like cattle... (Blue)
  • Freshking27;694929 said:
    I can see everyone dying except Clem. Then season 2 starts with Clem by herself.
    Well the main episode page for Ep. 5 shows Clem alone in a field in the image (with a possible dead Lee in front of her). I'm kinda thinking she may live on.
  • Not to knock that ending but come on ....Life can be dark but you have to have some light to it..killing Clem is a bad move!!!!
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