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Has anyone managed to stop Molly from hititng them, or grabbing the weapon back?

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Has anyone managed to stop Molly from hitting them, or grabbing the weapon back?
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  • made it on the first try, actually did pretty good this episode, dying only once stuck on the stairs and from trying to keep it cool against Vernon instead of grabbing the gun.....(in which case he guns you down)
  • Nope. I tend to get a lag burst on cutscene to gameplay moments thanks to my 360 controller use. How I died a lot during the St Johns fight and how I got no punches on him. :p
  • I tried, but I couldnt click on the circle while she was moving her hand.

    Got my ass kicked. :(
  • I lost, but the cursor was to blame. Don't know why, but I always get mouse problems while playing, it's hardly responsive so I can't click things quickly (I'm on a MAC, don't know if that's why?) So I've failed most things that require clicking moving targets at least once.
  • DarthZ0mbie;691688 said:
    seems if you took clem with you she saves molly in the school, leave her behind...from what ive read so far, not a great success rate
    Definitely possible and not too hard to do. Just look for the icon and scroll/move your pointer fast.
  • I had no trouble stopping Molly, and yet in episode 2 I couldn't figure out the rhythm needed to punch Andy more than twice.
  • My lee got his ass kicked by Molly. I saw the dots and tried stopping Molly, but I just tought it was impossible to beat her, that the dta were just there to give us a little hope. Molly is a badass, Im happy we couldn't just hit her back that easily :P
  • Akemichan;691137 said:
    Yup, blocked her with ease. Stupid girl.
    This. Had her on the ground.

    I was told that I wouldn't be able to get it on my first try. I did it with ease.

    Had no idea what to expect. Usually I mess up on the timed button clicking. I had to redo the bit on the stairs a few times because I miss timed hitting the zombies as Lee ran up the stairs.
  • Yeah it was easy fighting Molly
    Did anyone else manage to not fall over in the sewers at the slope?
  • ^Not me, ha. My Lee took a tumble right into goop. Didn't realize it'd be smarter to go down on the side.

    First playthrough, she took me down on the first punch.

    Second playthrough, I got her both times and beat her ass to the ground :)
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