The end is near. But not all is lost!

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This episode was breath-taking. In every meaning of the word. Thrilling, scary, and made you use your mind to make decisions for a group, instead of just pushing buttons along to get to the next scene like a....well, zombie.

The ending almost negates the rest of the episode, however. The only thing I've been worried about since the ending was the ending. The last 2 chapters. Why did I save Ben? He's been a burden, and the most mellow-dramatic character in the games so far. Maybe it's because he's so young. He told me Fuck You, and nearly impaired the group from moving on and out of the building. He's a danger, and a liability. I even let him come with me. Perhaps he will make some use, now that he's vowed to prove his worth.

Molly leaving was also a big (-) for me. She would of been such a great addition. Once again, thanks to Ben, she thinks the group is weak, and at odds with each other. Her and her axe would of provided a variety of options. Plus, she and Lee seemed like a good fit.

And of course, in the final moments. Lee's demise. He gets scraped by a walker, and is sure to perish eventually. If I had to choose who would be the most likely to die the episode before the finale. I wouldn't of picked the protagonist. At this point, Lee is a walking corpse, trying to spend his final moments saving the girl he'd sworn he'd protect. How much time does he have left? 6 hours? 12? He'll begin to show symptoms soon right?

But it's not completely the end for Lee Everett. Or atleast, not definitively. If TellTale can pull out an infection in the final moments, then surely they can find a way to let Lee live to fight and die another day.


-Clementine obviously wasn't "kidnapped", she left the house and went out back to leave. The man didn't slip by through the group and quietly take her from the study. She most likely contemplated leaving, and was taken, the hat left behind in the struggle.

-Hiding the bite and leaving by yourself? How would they react when you retrieve Clementine(assuming she isn't bit). I'm going to do a playthrough like this, as a matter a fact, I'm going to be making about 4 different playthroughs.

Thoughts? Comments?


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    -Clementine obviously wasn't "kidnapped", she left the house and went out back to leave. The man didn't slip by through the group and quietly take her from the study.

    Then why would she leave her hat behind? The hat that she never went anywhere without, the hat that her dad gave her and she's held onto for months, why would she leave it in the grass the moment she left to be reunited with her parents? Don't you think she'd want to be able to say, "I've missed you, Daddy! Look, I've worn the hat you gave me every day since you left!"

    I agree that she probably went out into the yard on her own - either to be alone, or because the man contacted her on the radio and convinced her to do it. But once she was in the yard, I'd say she was kidnapped by the man and her hat came off in the struggle.
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