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SPOILERS! lee is dying and need opinions

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lee is bit and there could be possibilities that he might not be bit but that is nonsense really.
i liked lee like as is that was me making the choices.
i don't really think kenny is going to die because he's like a BRO 4 LIFE
ben might not(cause i pulled him up while begging "DROP ME!!")
clem definitely not
christa i do not know
omid either
molly is a enormous question mark
Lee was a good guy but radio bastard might have a cure but that's absolutely not possible in The Walking
Dead universe so who knows.
i swear i'll kill radio bastard
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  • I doubt there will be a cure. Kind of goes against the whole genre. The next episode is the last one anyway. So what does it matter?
  • Lee dies but he will live through Clementine.

    That is unless you had been a total ass to her and didn't teach her a single thing.
    Then Lee dies with no one to carry on his memory.

    I don't even know why my asshole lee wants to save her o.o.
    He should have just went ax Crazy...
  • There is no cure in TWD comics, books, or TV show. You get bitten, you have to amputate the extremity within, maybe, 1 minute to save yourself? It's far too late for Lee.
  • Thing is, is there really any "virus" in the bites, seeing as death = zombification no matter what? Could they just.....sterilize the wound? I think it's just meant to be that the bites are really unclean and infected, but not infected with a zombie virus or anything.....
  • hey i've not been an ass so whatever she wants or needs i side with her. she's like a real daughter but digital
  • hey i've not been an ass so whatever she wants or needs i side with her. she's like a real daughter but digital

    Psh if I had a real daughter, Clementine would be my favorite.
  • The Final Episode Lee becomes Bryan from Taken. He has ONE goal and thats to Save Clem. As Savannah burns and Kenny Clem Omid Christa Ben and Lee stand on the seaside watching the fire. Kenny says "Burning the city is pretty extreme for one girl." Lee answers
    "Fuck the City I'd burn the world to protect Clem." and Clem says "Swear"
  • well lee is going to die i know that but probably to prevent death he might chop his wrist but no i don't believe so
  • lee is dying and can't think what to think, the game is dead because the player dies seems like so i'm hoping the radio guy has a cure or somethin'

    thoughts? anyone?

    I'm actually thinking, in a way, the bite will make Lee "more alive" and willing to take risks that he may have shyed away from before, in his quest to save Clementine. He is already a dead man walking, he really has nothing to lose
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