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TWD Weird unable to play episode 4 problem

posted by SDscarecrow on - last edited - Viewed by 240 users
I have read a lot of the threads on people have corrupt data or not being able to play episode 4 and having to go back to the beginning. My problem is similar, but somewhat different.

Mine will only let me play episode 1. On the main screen below play it says Unlock episode 1. If I click on that it says I don't have episode one, but have episodes 2-4 installed. If I actually start playing episode 1 again, it starts at the scene where Lee finds himself outside of Clementine's house. I'm so confused.

I originally downloaded and played episodes 1 and 2 when they were free for Playstation Plus members. I then bought and downloaded episode 3 and played that. My playstation plus membership has cancelled recently so i'm wondering if that has anything to do with it.

I still don't see how i'm able to play episode 1 if it says that I don't have it installed.

Anybody encountering anything similar or have a possible solution?
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  • I played the chapter and it ended after I escaped with Clementine and now it is saying I need to buy episode one. I don't want to buy it and then have to start over again.
  • Ok, ignore thread. I had to pay for episode one to get episode 4 to work. Kind of lame since I already played it, but whatever. It just better work right now.
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