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Episode 4 Crash (PS3)

posted by mkane24 on - last edited - Viewed by 882 users
Who else playing on the PS3 experienced their saves corrupted and lost?
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  • I would be one of these people. Shame really.

    I played through Episode 1 after i lost all my data.. Went to play Ep. 2 and my choices werent right regarding who i was loyal to.. lame.

    Jump back to the menu to check my stats and my save is gone... again.

    What in the actual fuck?
  • yeah i am extremely upset... how is this an actual problem with then game?
  • Other users please post if you have experienced this issue. Telltale needs to be aware of this problem.
  • I also lost all my saves! It said "Save Data Corrupted" on my screen and it froze. I had to restart my system and when I went back to TWD menu all my saves were gone. I was frustrated. but I just went back to start it over. But it had to choose my decisions from the previous episodes randomly. :/
  • thanks fear the living. We need to get people together to demand a response from TT
  • Their patch released today doesn't restore the saves either. Love how there's no response acknowledging this.
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