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Is Lee's death/zombification inevitable?

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This is probably a stupid question since nobody in the Walking Dead universe has survived a walker bite but just curious. Is there no way he can just chop off his hand or does the bite spread very quickly? I just don't want him to die because he seems like the only one who can take care of Clementine and it would seem weird for someone like Kenny to do it. Unless her parents are alive, which I doubt.

Also, how come he wasn't already feeling ill after the bite? Duck started feeling down right after they left the motor inn on the RV while Lee was able to talk normally and make the trip to the morgue to find Clementine.

So yeah, is he hopeless or is there a slim chance the devs will defile the lore and get him cured?
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  • Lee discovers he's immune to the Virus..... Five seconds before his head is blown off
  • Well I liked where this is going i think telltale have written one of the best games this year with this game. As for the lack of choice in major plot points which has always been a complaint i think it works like this if you truly had freedom of choice this would be an MMO i mean seriously people how would they drive the story if we truly got to decide everything.

    I mean how many people would want to go to Savanna, it just wouldnt work as a game, so they have to make the major plot points driving the story un avoidable other wise we'd still have people in the motor-inn
  • JacUK;692711 said:
    I dont get it and for me it will ruin the game, if i wanted to have a bad ending, i would just watch real life.
    So... I take it you haven't read the comics, watched the show, or played any of the episodes other than this one then? Walking Dead is not a franchise where people's stories end happily.
  • Juicymarmalade;692676 said:

    Also, how come he wasn't already feeling ill after the bite? Duck started feeling down right after they left the motor inn on the RV while Lee was able to talk normally and make the trip to the morgue to find Clementine.
    But in the morgue he was bent over the table & looked to be getting quite ill already.
  • I really don’t think he’s going to die. They’re probably going to put in an ending which will just add more twists to the plot. If they DO kill him, then they will probably just have Clementine as the next protagonist. But still, I don’t believe that Lee will actually die.

    Some might not agree with me. But we’ll just play the waiting game until November.
  • I think Lee will die. I've read the comics and this isn't a happy-ending kind of story. Lee's fate is pretty much sealed. We know what's going to happen. You can be in disbelief like Kenny was about Duck, all you want, but it's not going to change the fact that he's been bitten and that bites are fatal unless immediately amputated, which he didn't do.

    Perhaps his story will end with him knowing that Clem gets saved or that her mom really is alive or that he can leave her with someone to protect her before he dies.
  • Saracenar;692990 said:
    It's possible that they don't know you can stop the infection by amputating. Not everyone knows how it works, and they haven't met anyone who has survived a bite.
    I know, but it just felt like something was left hanging there. Like it could have been just a suggestion that was reasoned away. However, it is not even thought about. Whereas the show and the comic have done amputation at least once to address the point to some degree (and apparently we will see the result of Merle's amputation next season).

    I dunno, it wouldn't feel so weird if it wasn't being sold as "well, that's that and nothing you can do now" situation without someone trying to reason it out. Kenny tried to reason a way to deal with Duck's bite, they tried to help Irene find an alternate solution before ultimately deciding yes or no to shoot her. It just seemed like they gave up very easy.
  • Lee's a goner, which sucks. I really don't feel like rewinding and playing out different responses now, which I did a # of times with the first 3 episodes, albeit not so much in ep.3.

    The whole thing has a shelf-life for me; Kirkman is clearly a nihilist and seemingly is happiest when his readers are bummed out. I'm an optimist at heart and I can only delve into "this is a sad story and there is no happy ending" for a little while. I'm not expecting airy-fairy sunshine and unicorns, but the bleakness and lack of humor (even gallows humor) gets a bit much after all.
  • If you look at the episode 5 titles, 3 of them are "the marsh house" (the place clementine's parents normally go in savannah), "stay close to me" and "what remains." To me it sounds like Lee does decide to try to find her parents now that he knows he will turn. Then either 1) clementine also gets bit (maybe even by her turned parents, as in episode 1 her mom said her fater was "attacked by some strange man at the hotel and is in the er") and lee and her stay together to turn, or 2) lee asks her to stay with him for just a little longer before he turns to say goodbye. Then the group leaves on the boat in the "what remains" finale, looking back at savannah from the boat.

    It just makes a bit of sense to me to do it either way. The group didn't know about amputation, and lee's already showing symptoms of illness which means it's too late. He's going to die otherwise it completely goes against kirkman's eatablished rules. All we need to figure out is how it will all go down.
  • I have a feeling episode 5 will have a continued timer and that lee will die. If you look at the cover picture (clem standing over a dead body) and the name for that episode (no time left) it kinda fits.
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