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TWD: Episode 4 Xbox 360 Technical issues?

posted by AshTheZombie on - last edited - Viewed by 465 users
Heya I downloaded Episode 4 yesterday and pretty much played it as soon as it had downloaded, while I was picking my save it started to become irritating by this I mean I would open my first save and it would open my second save, I would then open my third save and it would yet again open my second save, In the end I decided to just copy my first save in to all three slots, then I had trouble with the achievements this had happened before in episode 2 but I found out you can avoid this by redownloading your account.

I just wanted to check if anybody else had the same technical issue as me?
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  • AshTheZombie;693347 said:
    I would open my first save and it would open my second save
    This has happend to me as well, so I quit and reloaded the game, it seemed to be working, although Kenny seemed pissed at me which could only happen on my save 2. I then went to do another playthough of epiosde 4 today and everytime I click on a save it says I have to wait until epiosde 5, in other words, all the decisions I made in save one has now carried over to save 2 and 3. I hope that makes sense haha, i think I'm going to have to do all three saves, all. over. again!
  • I had the same problem.
  • I'm glad its not just me, I tried last night to start a new save but it will only open my save 1 :-( It would be ashame for it to break near the last one this game is really good. Hope they patch it soon!
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