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Why have the Spoiler review thread in the non-spoiler forum?

posted by Red Panda on - last edited - Viewed by 201 users
A lot of spoiler threads have been created in the non-spoiler forum, and the mods themselves were the first to do it.

I think it creates confusion for people when they come and see a spoiler thread at the top of the page but aren't supposed to post spoiler threads themselves.

What is the logic behind have the review thread in the non-spoiler forum? I'm seriously curious. I can't understand it.
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  • I didn't create the thread and don't want to speak for Vainamoinen, but my guess would be that his intention was to catch as many of the reviews as possible and collect them in one thread. You might have noticed, a lot of people ignore all the notices we have around here to direct them to the spoiler forum, so a lot of reviews would get posted here anyway.

    Really, the better solution would probably be a stuck redirect to the review thread in the spoiler forum, but I'm not sure if I can swing that. I'll give it a shot, though.

    Edit: Yeah, the redirect didn't stick at the top of the page. I'm going to leave it where it's at.
  • I too wanted to complain about seeing spoiler threads in the non-spoiler section.I already had some major spoilers read -_-
  • Me too... it would be better to have a non-spoilerific review thread for this area.
    If people want to discuss/review the game with spoilers, there's a spoiler-free forum next to this one.
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