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Can't download episode 4

posted by randomblack1 on - last edited - Viewed by 6.8K users
When I click on "Get" in the in-game downloader, it gives me an error message saying "Check internet connection". My internet connection is obviously good, though... Any ideas?
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  • It's useless martin as we're treated like animals, like we don't even exist :S
  • Dear Diary,

    Many hours have passed and yet still nothing has changed. The repeated message accusing my internet connection of being faulty has begun irritating me anew; an insult to add to the ongoing dissapointment.

    Perhaps worse is the lack of update from TellTale, I see their twitter awash with retweets of glowing reviews but no mention of the troubles faced with their own download service. I question their decision to use an in game downloader; is it some poor attempt to stem piracy, or perhaps they intended it as a tool of convenience. If it was the latter then the irony is obvious, if the former then all it did was punish paying customers and further the attractiveness of pirated copies.

    How much longer must I be forced to wait? Hours, days, longer? Only time will tell... (or an update from TT would...) Until then I am forced to keep up my blackout of the main forum and carefully avoid the growing mass of "let's players".
  • If they just said something (and something that wasn't downright derogatory like "a few users") that showed they were working on the issue or what the issue was (like their servers not working or being overloaded) then that would be something. But we get nothing and treated like shit, I want my money back because this is just unacceptable behaviour.
  • I'm more than a little annoyed myself, I don't give a damn about waiting if there is an announcement, but this is simply bad service, I regret wanting to support Telltale by not buying it through steam
  • As for me, I'm going to post in every national forum dedicated to adventure games, telling other potential players and customers what's happening. I think that they have to know: the facts; the real quality of the support until now given (better: not given) by the developer; etc.
  • Add me to the long list of paying customers that cannot download Episode 4 due to the connection issue.

    Telltale Games: Please acknowledge the problem, post something somewhere to assure us that it is being addressed, or better yet, fix the problem. My confidence in your company has declined substantially! I have been a gamer for a long, long time and never seen a company treat such a major issue with such silence.

    Very disappointing!
  • Marking 48 hours that I've been attempting to d/load ep 4 with no result and no response from TTG. I was planning my weekend around this game. That's how addictive it is, shame shame shame TTG for screwing us over.
  • One would think the least they could do is offer us temporary steam accounts like they did when the game first came out and we couldn't play it. This is ridiculous. Wish I bought it from Steam :/
  • We're a total crap for them. Why do you think they made season pass ? So they would have the money already and can do just what the hell they want :S
  • I'm also having the same problem. Telltale should be ashamed of themselves.

    I also bought it here to support them. But are they supporting us? Nope, they aren't! They better fix this soon!

    What I (and others) find ridiculous, is that you can't download the episodes seperately, like how it used to be. The in-game downloader is a bad idea and it's incredibly slow (when it works)!

    The least they can do, is give us a free season disc of Season 1 (they should, anyway), for this frustrating ordeal!
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