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Troubles downloading Walking Dead episode 4

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I love the walking dead games, i truly do, but there is one problem i always seem to have... The downloading. It happened with episode 2 the first time and it took days to download. A message saying "Connection lost while downloading data. Please ensure you have a working internet connection and re-attempt download." and whats worse is it doesn't go anywhere! It starts at 0.00% (Which is probably not supposed to happen...) and then flashes to 10% for a millisecond then the message pops up. I don't know what i did to make Episode 2 work but i think it had something to do with me re-downloading the entire game. But i really don't want to do that now, with all the progress I've made. I really just want to play the game and i would expect more from a website that specializes has downloadable games. i really hope this problem gets fixed because the sooner i can play the game the better. Thanks.
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  • I am having this issue as well. You'd think if they didn't want to lose money, they'd fix all this before releasing it. I was really excited about playing the new episode, and now I can't. I've no issues until this. Really disappointed.
  • I have the same problem, my internet connection is fine, and the download still gives me the same message at around 30% "download Connection lost while downloading data. Please ensure you have a working internet connection and re-attempt download."
    I too have never had any problems downloading the first 3 chapters. Please fix this Telltale, because we are clearly many frustratet fans at the moment.

    Later...well now suddently it gives me the aforementioned message instantly when It reaches 10% download. Please help!

    Kind regards
  • The fact that we are forced into using this downloader, and are forced to log into the game everytime we want to play it (meaning I can't play this shit on the train) means that they should work doubletime to make it at least acceptable to use. They haven't.
  • Add me to the long list of paying customers that cannot download Episode 4 due to the connection issue.

    Telltale Games: Please acknowledge the problem, post something somewhere to assure us that it is being addressed, or better yet, fix the problem. My confidence in your company has declined substantially! I have been a gamer for a long, long time and never seen a company treat such a major issue with such silence.

    Very disappointing!
  • I contacted the support and got a quick reply saying they are aware of and working on the issue:
    I do apologize for this problem. We are aware that a small number of players are experiencing this issue, and we are currently investigating a solution. Please ensure you have a strong internet connection and are logged into your Telltale account before attempting the download again. Also, you can try connecting to another network.
  • Throwing my name in the screwed up download issue. I'm a patient man but I think TT needs a console and computer team if they are going to keep doing these releases. this has been the worst time I've had with them. Problem is it's a daggone great game, so I can't be hugely mad peeved and hoping they figure everything out for Season 2.
  • I just want to be able to play episode 4 like everyone else....this is extremely frustrating to me.
  • Hey I keep trying to download episode 4 and it says to check my internet connection and that the connection was lost. My internet is just fine. What's going on? I WANT TO PLAY THIS EPISODE!!

    Please get back to me soon I really want to play.
  • What goin' on? %<
    I cant download on PC...goddangit!!!
    It been 2 days already!!! This is a highly perplexing matter sir, it's not excellent news.
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