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EP4 SPOILERS ... Do you save?

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Do you save Ben? Why?
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  • I saved Ben, We need everybody we can get.
    Sure he fucks up alot..... but he tries to help.
    He really really really fucks up alot....
  • Noone that can be saved, will be left behind. He atleast tries...
  • I think Kenny was going to kill him anyway so i let him die :(
  • Saved him.

    Sure he's stupid and naive but his hearts in the right place. I'm not going to kill a kid for being stupid and making mistakes. If I had the option to leave him with some supplies, then maybe, but never kill him.
  • I let him die when zombie got him in the tower. I was shocked when everybody somehow knew that I left him to die, because nobody saw that, like they had x-ray vision or something...
  • I let he live. Why?

    Letting him suffer with his consequences rather than having him being offered to the zombies, and regarded as some hero. Plus, it's always good to have another pair of hands.
  • When I dropped Ben I figured he would of died from the fall but he was still alive... It was painful for me to hear his yelling when the walkers were tearing him apart.
  • I let him drop because:

    1. Kenny wanted me to (not really a big influence, but it helped a little)
    2. Ben wanted me to do it (huge influence)
    3. I didn't think it was possible to save him.

    If I had known it was ACTUALLY possible to save him at the time, without endangering the others, I most likely would have pulled him up. I thought he was dead no matter what when I first got there, froze up for a bit, and finally let go. Hearing his screams was horrific enough to make me consider rewinding and saving him, at least so I could feel that it wasn't my fault if he died anyway. I felt like a real piece of trash when I found out he would have lived, had you pulled him up.
  • I saved Ben because I didn't think he wanted to die but that he felt that he deserved to die and that made a difference for me.Yes Ben is a fuck up but his actions aren't malicious and in the end he showed real bravery and heart when he was willing to do the ultimate sacrifice for the rest of the group.Kenny giving the nod only confirmed my decision, Fuck you Kenny! I wont kill a scared and naive kid for you.
    I've seen his death, and I don't think he deserves to die like that...
    He hoped the fall would kill him but instead he gets his legs and back broken and then gets ripped apart by the walkers,his final screams for help confirm to me that he didn't truly want to die. He wanted to be punished but that was a crueler fate than he deserved, I wanted Ben to leave the group alive not die in agony.

    I saved him but I still didn't trust him enough to bring him along at the end. I wonder if it will matter? will players be punished because he fucks up again or will he reward them by doing something heroic?
  • First time through, I let him die because he wanted me to drop him.

    Felt bad about it afterwards so I rewinded and saved him. He's a good kid who makes bad decisions. Really, really life threatening horribly bad decisions but meh. It felt better having everyone available to me at the end of the episode.
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