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What was good at first, now finally has become predictable and lame!

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Honestly TT, are you seriously trying to make fun of players? Tailored to my playstyle? What exactly is tailored to my playstyle? And why the hell did you choose to let Lee die, unless he's immune to the infection?

It's obvious what the last scene is going to be like in episode 5. You're going to make Clementine have to shoot Lee, because he turned. So heartbreaking, so dramatic...she will cry rivers of tears.

You do make a better season 2 I hope.
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  • Now watch as thats not even close to what happens
  • Oh hai Miss Irene I c you saw Episode 5 before us right?
  • The fail is that you're still demanding for a 2nd season. Meaning that you just like to complain no matter what.
  • Will be funny if his correct about clem having to shoot lee
  • Says game is bad then begs for a sequal...

    Also, I predicted nearly everything from episodes 1 and 2, but predicted very little from 3 and 4. I think all I predicted were Lilly having to leave the group and Katjaa dieing.
  • I think this is exactly what TT wants to make us players feel. Making this sudden "cliff hanger" styled ending to rile us up for 2 months.
  • 8Bit_System;695426 said:
    No it won't...

    Yes it would be, some people are saying how he couldn't be more wrong!

    Will be funny if he is actually correct,
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