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TWD: Steam, Compatibility and the Saves

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I've preordered this game a long time ago (it wasn't even on steam at the time).
I played every single episode with no problem until today!
When I discovered the 4th episode was out, I went straight to play it the following night.

As soon as I hit the "play" button on steam, the game gave a message, it was like "we need to reorganize the resources of the game, this might take some time, even a minute". Fine, it did what it had to and the game was ready. Hit play, they said, it would work they said... So it didn't. It gave me an error in the .exe file (I never seen it and I would never see it again) and the game didn't start. I tried again and it and nothing happened. Just nothing.

I went on the internet to find a solution, the most suitable was the one of the compatibility and "run as admin". It kinda work. The game was working, in windowed mode and with totally different graphics settings but it worked. I hit Play.

"Would you prefer the standard mode or the minimal mode?"

There were no save games, it was a fresh new start.

I cursed the gods and went back online.

I tried everything, worked a bit with the save files in "my docs" (it seems that the compatibility version has made a new Telltale folder). Changed the prefs file. And so on. I even checked the "cache integrity". Also, it seems that the compatibility version doesn't saves in the telltale forlder (I tried to see if the program use that folder, but even if I saved a game, the save file is no where to be found!)

It seems that I'm in a dead end.

I'm not here to rant against telltale or anything.
I'm here to know what I should do.

Should I wait? Is the telltale working on this?
Should I restart the whole game (who says that this time my saves will be stored?)? Should I reinstall it (already trying)?
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  • I am... they have yet to say anything about it.. good game, bad company
  • The game is ignoring posts here and to their support e-mail, facebook posts and messages.

    They only PLUG their game for AWARDS on facebook - which anyone stumbling across it can see the game has no support and what a lousy company they are.

    Their OFFICIAL forums have an UN-OFFICIAL fix posted by some other 'season pass paid player' which doesn't work for the majority of people. Thing about this is, the company keeps this unofficial fix on their forums and is the ONLY response paid players have.
  • i feel your pain guys. i've been tearing my hair out because of this annoying problem that started from Episode 3. ended up playing Ep. 4 with the random choices because i don't have the patience to replay the episodes.. >:(
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