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So... would you have liked to stay in Crawford?

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I mean before everyone turned into walkers? Cause i sure as hell wouldn't.
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  • I would have set up outside of crawford and gathered up the children they sent out before the zombies took care of them.

    Atleast until they all died, and I did too, seeing as I probably wouldn't survive long in that city.
  • No way. I might have stuck around at the beginning and siphoned supplies but I wouldn't have stayed after the first wave of rules came out.
  • I'd take the children and their parents off and form an mobile Little Lamplight [with parents]. Without the age kickout rule. They could establish that themselves if they want. I'd end up getting killed eventually though because i'm not in shape.
  • If I had been pretty much on my own up to that point, probably. I'd be looking for a place where I could atleast let my guard down from walkers. Despite the draconian rules it'd be quite a tempting place to stay, atleast for a while.
  • I would stay at first, then as the rules came up I'd prepare to leave.
    Gather what I could and just get the hell out.
  • Who wouldn't stay at first? Most of us would probably leave once the first wave of rules came up though, if not the second. I'd get what I could and strike out for somewhere better, preferably anywhere not in the city.
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    Thadeum BANNED
    I would have been Crawford's leader, and setting up the rules.

    So, yes, I would have stayed in Crawford.
  • Thadeum;694727 said:
    I would have been Crawford's leader, and setting up the rules.

    So, yes, I would have stayed in Crawford.
    haha lol. All hail our future leader!
  • Just me who wonders how there could be "heavier" (clearly overweight) zombies in Crawford? How could they contribute to their society?

    In times of crisis, absolute leadership is not always a disadvantage, ruling out people however is. Elderly and sick can easily be watched and dealt with if/when need arises. Children are necessary for the continuation of humanity for some odd reason...

    The only reason to why I wouldn't stay in Crawford however is because it is in a urban area, long term I don't belive in surviving in cities/densly populated areas. "Society" as I see it would have to regress to feudalism or hunter/gatherer.

    A few mates of mine were joking over that we would head for a castle/fortress with drawbridge for when the ZA strikes. First to the throne gets to be king :D.
  • CTCCoco;694743 said:
    haha lol. All hail our future leader!
    Lets hang him.
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