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Few questions to the Telltale team

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Hi there. Let's get straight to the point (and would you be so kind to forgive my horrible english? i am from Ukraine, and i really trying to do my best):

1) Why do you so easy give up that "survivors" community? When i heard of them for the first time, a lot of things have come to my imaginations - from some of group being captured by them, to most crazy, when Lee is going to infiltrate them and asking permission to join them (so he can find needed parts from inside and steal them), and that community will try to test Lee (to make sure that he can be one of them - maybe kills someone, maybe kid - that would be a toff choice and include some dramatic scenes). But when i heard the explanation that one girl with a gun make huge community with a lot of people die - this... sounds not even serious. They would easily stop her, no way they all can die by that accident. Why you making that kind of easy solution when there is many a lot more interesting?

2) Some simple logic is not working... when scenario needs that - there is an empty town, and sometimes there is swarm of zombies out of nowhere (now that crowd are get to the medicine room? All doors was closed, it look like they just appear there. Sometimes every sound attracts zombies, and sometimes character yelling, doing loud actions and... nothing happens. Zombies not surrounding buildings with alive inside, and what about zombie, who took so much hits in the head and was still alive? It will be fine if you just leave him where he was laying. Also, i always tries to save ammo as much as i could, choosing melee way to fight, and if the end that means nothing (no situation when you can run out of ammo, sad).

Seriously - you making a great story, and when i am saying great - i mean one of the best i ever saw: zombie-apocalypse is my favorite setting, and for me - i always dreamed to write a stories like that for the video games or movies (but in my country it will never happen), so i can tell for sure that your story is just amazing, and only that little things that i mentioned before making me a little sad, because they keeping me apart from the world that you created, making me doubt. But i hope that it the last episode (or, more likely - in season 2) you will think trough all that you did and make even better story, make people truly believe in what they saw, because you already make us feel with the characters, make us like or hate them, and that means a lot today, when big companies usually making games focusing on gameplay and forgetting about the story.

And i wanted to give some advises about season 2:

- All people like choices, but sometimes it feels like "i would say or act different, why can't i?". More options for everyone - more satisfied gamers. Just ask each other "what would you do if you was there?" - and here is your options to pick)
- More important choices? Something that will change the way how the story goes, maybe make different walktrough to the same levels, depends on what you choose before?
- Don't forget characters. For example, i like Molly very much, and i feel sad when she decided to leave. It would be good if you will mention her and some other people (if they survived, of course) in some kind of epilogue - so you can know what happens to them after the story ends.
- When something happens - ask "why?" and "how?". If there is no clear answer - better change it a little. This is short version of my big post)

And... i wish you good luck in making season 2 and all future games. Gamers need people like you, who thinks about the story in the first place very very much. And a real adventure (not a quest), without boring old-way pixel-hunting, where all puzzles can be solved with logic, and when there is same much story as are action are very rare in pc (i can remember only Dreamfall and Farenheit). Game like this was like fresh water in the desert - and i hope that you will keep doing it!
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  • Yeah, they're not gonna answer you, buddy.
  • Why? There are not using this forum to talk?
  • ElvenNeko;695282 said:
    Why? There are not using this forum to talk?
    The telltale employees used to read the forums and answer questions, but for some reason they stopped when Walking Dead rolled out. You can occasionally see an employee like Jake post something, but that is usually it.

    As for the community, I wish they had done something more with that too, but I have a feeling the man on the radio is connected to this community, so we'll see what happens then.
  • Gman5852;695289 said:
    The telltale employees used to read the forums and answer questions, but for some reason they stopped when Walking Dead rolled out.
    Perhaps it's better that way.
    Some of the suggestions that the majority of people are talking about are so fucking stupid. That I'd hate for the staff to see them and do some sort of idiotic fan service.

    For example Clem as a Season 2 protagonist. Worst idea of all time possibly. For a plethora of reasons. Not to mention cliche as hell...
  • Is any of my ideas are so bad?
  • ElvenNeko;700094 said:
    Is any of my ideas are so bad?
    The choices things is not a realistic expectation. Each decision that you make branches off into different scenarios to the point where it'd be impossible to code for.
  • Actually the telltale team do reply. You have to post it in the "questions for the walking dead team" thread. It usually takes a little while but when they do, they do it in one long ass post answering a bunch of questions. :)
  • Each decision that you make branches off into different scenarios to the point where it'd be impossible to code for.
    I can disagree, because i can easy make things like this on rpg maker, without any coding skills and coding at all. Just many different copies of levels and a lot of text. I think that people who know some things in programming could make this even more easy then me - maybe i am wrong, but we will know this only if somebody from dev's would respond.
  • I think more dialogue choices would be nice. I mean alotta times I go with the choice i want because its closest to what i feel i would say but others i just choose "...." cuz none of the options r what i wanna say. Like with kenny you either get to rag on him or be his butt buddy...a little more middle ground would be good. Like christa I dont hate her but i dont wanna stop in the street and rest for her b/f either. I like omid but christa makes me dislike him at times. Major thing i didn't like is that showing the bite forces omid and christa on u. I wanted the option to tell her to fuck off lol:p

    also no none of the op suggestions are bad...4 the record;)
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