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Is Lee's death/zombification inevitable?

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This is probably a stupid question since nobody in the Walking Dead universe has survived a walker bite but just curious. Is there no way he can just chop off his hand or does the bite spread very quickly? I just don't want him to die because he seems like the only one who can take care of Clementine and it would seem weird for someone like Kenny to do it. Unless her parents are alive, which I doubt.

Also, how come he wasn't already feeling ill after the bite? Duck started feeling down right after they left the motor inn on the RV while Lee was able to talk normally and make the trip to the morgue to find Clementine.

So yeah, is he hopeless or is there a slim chance the devs will defile the lore and get him cured?
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  • I just don't have words for this. The cliffhanger was just way too awesome! Everything happened in such a short time, I can't even explain the way this made me feel, specially after everyone chose to go with me. Anyway, overall, the episode was really well made, I really liked the fact that we had a timer for nearly all the dialog options, we sometimes could just choose two of the three available options, which made me love the timer-stress even more! Now, talking about the story, telltale said we'd hate them if they did they job properly... I'm going to stab everyone at telltale...
  • The_Cheshire_Cat;693992 said:
    Yeah, because wasn't it Ben who said "it's not the bite that gets you."

    I mean in this game have we ever seen anyone take a wound from a Zombie and not die, or take a scratch or anything of that nature and not die outright?

    Usually when one take the first bite they get dragged down or pulled and that's end of story.

    I don't think Lee is gonna die. Or...he might and then when he dies Clem is finally reunited with her mother and it is is Clem who has to put a bullet in his head.!
    well crawford is done so its probable that her mother is dead
  • why tt let us know that lee was bitten on the end of 4 episode?we can see the end of ep 5 already(saving clem and get headshotted by her or suicide);he may be imune to the bite infection but anyway if is going to die by the bite they only should showed at ep 5
  • Lee is going to die. whether it's on screen or not is the only question
  • Perhaps Lee will search. But the likelihood of her parents being alive is like slim-to-none. And the chances that they're Walkers is almost certain, we forget that Walkers are nomadic eating machines.

    They're just not likely in Savannah anymore, given the horde dynamic...
  • If Lee were to survive, he would need Vernon very fast.
  • The only problem I have with Lee dying is that it it makes any kind of dilemma that could of come up if he had found one or both of Clem's parents alive irrelevant.
    It would of been a no brainer for me but I would of been interested to see how many players would do a "Jolene" and tried to have kept Clem to themselves.

    Now it's not even a choice because Lee has no hope for any kind of a future.
  • JabbaDaHuttX7;695807 said:
    By the way, since we didn't actually get to see the real Crawford... I think the guy on the walkie talkie actually might belong to Crawford.
    Wow, I never actually stopped a second to think about it, perhaps the walker guy is Crawford's leader itself! You just gave me a whole new point of view. The next question, WHAT does this guy WANT from Lee?
  • Ghositex;695878 said:
    Wow, I never actually stopped a second to think about it, perhaps the walker guy is Crawford's leader itself! You just gave me a whole new point of view. The next question, WHAT does this guy WANT from Lee?

    Pretty sure the leader of Crawford was hanging on a noose at the top of the armoury, under the bell, already zombified. His hair seems to match with the hair on the man in the photos lying around pasted on the walls of the school that have the words 'supreme leader' writen on them or something.

    Also, what do you guys mean by 'the real Crawford'? As far as I know there was only one Crawford and everyone in it died and turned into a walker.
  • AceStarr;695594 said:
    #1 is more believeble and possible an it also can get him to season 2 atleast for the first episode of it cause like i said he has to battle the shock and fever that comes with choping off his arm.
    Chopping off his arm would only work if he did it extremely quickly after being bitten. By the time they reach the nuclear bunker, it's far too late for that to do any good.
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