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Bringing Ben to save Clem, Good or Bad Idea?

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Okay, lets talk about Ben. I managed to get all four optional characters to come with me for Clem's rescue but I am wondering if that is such a good idea. The main reason I am wondering that, is I that I do not know if Ben will redeem himself.

In my mind, Ben has not only been the most useless character in the game but he has also been the biggest danger to our survival.

Let's go over his "accomplishments". Good and bad.

1. Gives info about himself and doesn't lie.

Hi there Ben. Wow, seems you had it rough. Well, look, I'm in a group and we might be able to help your friend. You are giving it to us straight about what has been happening with your life so I'm gonna put my neck out and help you out.

Don't let me down.

2. Failed to warn anyone when his teacher/friend died.

Okay Ben, remember how I JUST told you to not let me down? Yeaaa, well, you just did and nearly got me killed in the process. You tell me this guy is important to you but while Kat is trying to save the man's life, you ignore him. When he dies you are nowhere around. If you were around, maybe you could have said something about how we were a little too close to him and I would have avoided ALMOST DYING.

And, you know what, I recall asking if anyone was bitten and you said no. Yet did it not occur to you that a dying person is just as dangerous as a bitten one? There is no true difference between a dying man and a bitten one when you look at it like that. So, try and not differentiate the two terms.

Just try a bit harder okay?

3. Survived coming back to the farm.

Well, you didn't really do anything to help but I appreciate you coming back anyway. You really need to pull your weight though. I'm still a bit upset about almost being killed by your friend because of your lack of warning.

4. Carried food back to the motel.

You can carry things too. Wow, so useful. Maybe you're not so bad after...

5. Secretly stole supplies for the raiders.

Oh. Right. Nevermind then. This was a dumb move. Especially since there is no way to keep the thefts up. Why would you be so sure they had your friend anyway, Ben? Nothing was said about why were was so sure. Don't be so frikken gullible! It was clearly a trick the raiders HAD to use because we were too well fortified to be taken down in our base.

6. Allowed the raiders to break into camp while on watch.

To well fortified... unless Ben is on watch, I guess. Damnit Ben. We have clearly survived attacks before but, with you on guard, somehow they take is down and capture almost everyone in 30 seconds flat. How could you not have WARNED US or, at least, killed one of them before they got in??? Do you need eye glasses?

7. Lied about not stealing supplies.

Jesus Christ, you were asked point blank about this. Your plan almost got us killed. I know, I know, you were scared of Lilly but man-up. You made a mess of things and you should have confessed to it instead of letting Carley protect your sorry ass and let her get shot.

She protected you... *I* protected you and you let us down by not confessing you little shit. You better be worth the price we paid for keeping you. *glare*

8. Saw the zombies coming on the train.

Hey, good to know you don't need glasses. Turns out you can do a watch after all. Just not against dozens of raiders, I guess. Well, congrats on reminding us that you are capable of something. Nothing useful but SOMETHING, at least.

9. Confessed to Lee.

First smart thing you've ever done since I met you. Would have been better if you had done it on the bus but it's too late now. However, as the new leader of the group (since everyone else is dead or too screwed up to manage) I want you to NOT tell Kenny, okay? Just listen to me and don't tell him. Telling Kenny at this point would just be pouring salt on the wound.

I know you feel (rightly) guilty but listen to me and keep it to yourself, understand? There is stuff more important then your little guilt trip, okay?

10. Didn't protect Clem from zombies.

You little, panzy ass, coward. Carley dies protecting you and you can't even do shit to protect a little girl? Just grab her hand and run! JESUS, BEN!

11. Didn't watch Clem.

OH MY GOD! I gave you ANOTHER chance to redeem yourself and you let me down. I said "watch Clem". Not watch Omar. WATCH CLEM! Oh, oh, now you are giving me lip? Are you fucking kidding me? I told you to watch her you dumb shit! Just shut up and do what I tell you.

12. Didn't get the Armory door open.

Damnit, Ben! Everyone else has somehow managed to do their task but YOU! Why is that? *deep breath* Okay, Kenny is coming over watch him and see how a non-imbecile does it and, remember, do NOT tell Kenny about what you did. It would only screw things up right now. I don't care how guilty you feel. Telling him at this point would only cause him a ton of pain. Nothing good can come from it.

13. Takes the hatchet out of the door.

YOU USELESS LITTLE... ARRG!!!! They barricaded the doors, you MORON! Put it back before... FUCK! Too late. Fine, I'll deal with this later. Right now, we have to put all our energy to getting out of this alive Ben. Focus on that! Just focus on it, okay? Just do that for me. Just do it!

14. Confesses to Ken at worst possible time.


Damnit! I can't kill you? Why can't I fucking kill you??? Better question, why am I stopping Kenny from killing you? I don't want to do this but the zombies are coming...

o O(Maybe I can use him as bait?)

Bah, I don't care anymore. Saving you was clearly a mistake. You don't just mess up, you keep doing worst possible things. I TOLD YOU NOT TO TELL KENNY! You think telling him while zombies are breaking down the door is a good move? Do you even have a fucking BRAIN? How is it that you were so afraid of Lilly but don't seem to be at all concerned that Kenny might kill you instead (and trust me, if he did, I would applaud rather then leaving him behind like I did for Lilly) or, maybe, the zombies that we are giving time to catch up since we have to deal with this shit you are dumping on us?

14. Can't even kill himself right.

Huh? Why did I save you?


I have no clue, man. I agree that it doesn't make much sense, since I JUST stated that I wanted to kill you.

*Sigh* I guess it's because I didn't bother killing the St. John Brothers either. I mean, Jesus, they were going to eat us. That sets a really high bar for not murdering people, although, you come REALLY close to passing it.

Hey, why didn't YOU just let go of my hand? I assure you that if you hadn't been helping me pull you up, I wouldn't have been able to do so! If you wanna die, then just DO IT. Don't try and make me your goddamn accomplice. I'm such an awesome guy that even helping kill a little turd like you would make me feel bad. Although, if Kenny wants to later, I intend to let him go for it.

FUCK! Now I'm stuck with you again and even worse, Clem has been captured. What to do, what to do...

Seriously, who has a worse record then that? Sure Larry tried to kill me but he hated ME, not the group. Maybe Lilly would have been worse. Since she and Kenny would have kept arguing. Still...

Okay people, so, after all this, do you honestly think it's a good idea to take Ben along to rescue Clem? Will he REALLY be redeemed (perhaps by saving someone) or will he continue to screw up like he has done from the moment we've met him and hurt the rescue effort instead?

I added him to the group, originally. However, I am now wondering if he is more of a trap. Also, that doctor guy knows we have a boat. Why do we assume it will be safe if we leave? What reason is there to believe he will be an asset?

Sure a normal narrative would dictate that he would be able to do something helpful at some point but I lost my trust in the narrative after episode 3. Having Ben screw up one last time would feel like justice for not listening to my head after he's failed my group over and over again.

I'm starting to wonder if the best group is to bring Omar, Crista and Kenny while leaving Ben to guard the boat.

What do you guys think cause I have no clue?

PS. Has been ever killed a zombie? Even Clem has killed a zombie at this point.
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  • Sorry tl;dr, but I think bringing him is a good idea, because he still needs to redeem himself and I think if your willing to forgive everything he's done thus far, he'll end up playing a big part in 5.
  • He seems to have a different state of mind during the bell tower sequence, as he is willing to put everyone else ahead of himself and die so they can get away. If you bring him along with Kenny, he'll say that he also wants to make it right for Kenny and redeem himself for what he did with the bandits. I think he'll be at least somewhat redeemed, but will still die if you choose to bring him along.
  • I think the main reason I forgive Ben is because he shows true, genuine remorse for everything he does wrong.

    And the last thing he does is redeeming. Sure, he doesn't toss himself off the staircase, but he begs for you to leave him so that he might actually be of some use to the group: as bait. In that moment, he values the well being of the group more than his own, and is willing to pay the ultimate price for what he's done.

    So, yeah, with that as the last thing we see him do before the choice to take him along comes up, I'd say give the kid another chance.

    I have a feeling. Now, given that this is Telltale, it's just as likely that the exact opposite of my feeling will happen. But I think Ben will have a redeeming moment in Episode 5. Maybe he won't, but my gut says he will.

    Given the fact that he's an optional character at this point, though, I'm wondering how large of a role Telltale will let him play. *glares at Doug and Carley*
  • Episode 4's option to kill him I think is better than whatever redemption his actions can bring. He had a sober look at the world and his place, came clean to everyone and finished his arc. Him getting a blaze of glory or whatever in episode 5 is unnecessary.
  • Ben dieing heroically while holding off hundreds of walkers would be the obvious thing for TT to do, but they've surprised me before. Knowing them, Ben will screw up as he always do and get someone killed. That's my main worry for ep 5. TellTale could just go "Nope, Ben is just not good at high stress situations. Why did you expect him to be any different in ep 5?"
  • My hand slipped in the bell tower scene... oops! :D

  • You have forgotten: Ben also dragged train driver's body out of the locomotive. He isn't completely useless.
  • Taking the hatchet from the door is unforgivably stupid.
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