What did you say to the walkie man at end of episode, and why?

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When he said that I had to chose my next words very carefully, I selected...


Of course Lee did not say it, but there is no way this bastard is gonna tell me what to do. He abducted Clem. He got me bitten. I am a fuckin' Walking Dead. I am in fear of noone. I do not fear death.

I do not forgive. I do not forget. Expect me walkie-man. I am coming for you...


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    My first run thorough (which I tend to think of as how I would be in those situations, my second and third plays are just to see the results of different choices) I selected "What do you want from me?" as I didn't want to anger the guy and have him hurt Clem.

    Sure I'm gonna kill him if/when I find him, but I wasn't going to provoke him over a radio and I have no clue where he was at. Believe me, I wanted to tell him "Fuck You, I'm going to kill you" but decided on not provoking him for the sake of Clem.
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    I know what you mean, and how you felt. But I also expected that not going into his game was the best way to still have a bit of control over the situation. Provoking him might have helped to see if he had weaknesses. And I made my mind that he did not want to kill Clem.

    But I agree that being cautious was perfectly valid, while insulting him might have been a bluff :-) Maybe it's because I played poker, I don't know... Try to destabilize your opponent xD
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    I hear you, that is a different idea and makes sense on why you did it. Like I said before, I just couldn't have lived with myself if he hurt her so I couldn't choose that option. I did pick it on a subsequent play-through on my "bad Lee who doesn't care about shit".
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    What put me down was that there was no "Next time on the Walking Dead..."
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    I chose my words carefully by saying nothing. I'm going to get the "you were silent, now die" result
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    I chose the 3rd option (which was the safest i guess), otherwise wouldve went with the 2nd option (dont hurt her)
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