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What changes would you have liked to see to the game??

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I am greatly enjoying the game so far so lets keep this on the constructive side.
Also lets keep it about realistically expectable changes, not like some demands for an amount of branching storylines which would have tripled (or more) the workload of telltale.

I will start off with some points still fresh in my memory

1: please add ammunition amount and reloading. This will make those shooting events both more realistic AND more tense!

2: make shooting a little harder, its not easy getting that many headshots..also this way you can balance difficulty by reducing the amount of walkers/bandits you shoot in the sequence. Again for realism but also involvement in the story. I mean it feels like shooting fish in a barrel and the menacing bandits and walkers are ending up a bit like fodder. They become less threathening.

3:crawford...i feel it was a bit of a missed chance to not have them still be the fascist paranoid group. And in that way far more dangerous. You could find out more about their crazy ideals...or perhaps have a choice to throw vernon under the bus if you went for a negotiating route instead of an assault. And how cool would your raid have been?

Also i found the fall of crawford far too easy, this well supplied group. Used to go on scout and supply runs in town..falls because there are some walkers within perimeter? Its been months, such groups should have gotten over the initial suprise, shock, and fear..and be able to handle 1 or 2 walkers at least?? There should atleast be some boxed in survivors??
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  • The only choice that would had been great the scene at Episode 3 with Lilly & Ben, that you kinda can say that Ben was it and/or before Lilly shoot Carley that you can decide to slap the gun away or let it happen.
  • fenom;695547 said:
    Here's some remarks

    This is an adventure game. If you want some shooter there's only a gazillion
    out there. We have characters, a story, dialogues, 'choices', etc etc

    Thanks but no thanks
    I dont want it to be a shooter, but seeing the game has several shooting sequences i want it improved for immersion sake. For story sake.

    Cause in case you didnt noticed..these sequences shape/are part of the story....pop pop pop pop pop pop, Lee just dropped 6 walkers/bandits (fodder) like its nothing with his magic gun that never needs to reload...this is part of story canon now.

    I dont get you..defending arcade like shooting sequences instead of more realistic and tense moments that tie better within the za story.

    Telltale has many great shooting sequences that capture the tensio. And realism i mean, for example, the cop (hurry to reload) in ep1, or saving Molly in ep4 ( shes struggling with a walker, hard to aim and time is short).

    In comparison, some could have been more enjoyable if they kept his level of realism and difficulty. For example: the bandit raid (were these the guys we had feared? I dropped 5 like they were flies). The nursing room (dropped 5 walkers in 5 seconds with 5 bullets) or the stairs with the shotgun (could have held back a herd there).

    These sequences could be changed without to much effort and greatly enhance immersion/story for me. I hope telltale realises this as well and we will see more of cop/molly sequences and less of the shotgun on stairs style in season 2
  • I really don't see how an ammo counter and reloading would add anything to the story.
    If the story writers want you to run out of ammo at a certain moment it would happen.
    Adding a tangible element to your ammo capacity and the hazard of having to reload.
    Would only retard the storyline for a irrelevant reason.

    Like others have said if I want to micromanage my ammo and have total firearms realism.
    I'd play a shooter. I think TTG has done fine with the mechanic they have.
  • Ok ammo counter might be unessecary but reloading and added difficulty during he shooting sequences really only adds to them. for your info..this is already used by telltale in this game... Just not consistently.

    Compare the cop or saving molly shooting sequence to the magic shotgun on the stairs and tell me which sequence you liked better, which sequence hurt immersion and made you feel like playing an arcade shooter....
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    Thadeum BANNED
    I hope they can put Guybrush Threepwood as a 'mate next time.

    he would replace Ben by being 10x more use... less, for sure :D
  • Those are two different scenarios.
    The first was awesome and exhilarating.
    But let's be honest. It was a shotgun with a limited round capacity that had been spent anyway. I think the maximum is around 6-7

    Lee's working with what appears to be a pistol which has around 17 round capacity.
    In each encounter he definitely doesn't take that many shots. So we can assume he reloads in between encounters. There are many moments when the scene isn't focused on Lee and when the story moves forward. So it's entirely plausible.

    Anyways. I sort of agree with you somewhat. It would definitely be interesting and pump up the tension. But do you really want to be searching for ammo after every encounter instead of continuing the narrative. Which is what adventure games are all about. Cause if that's the case after every encounter Lee would have to go on a mini-quest to find more 9mm rounds. Which would completely derail the story and ultimately make it more difficult to construct a solid narrative.
  • more realism to holding items, not just putting shovels, blowtorches, batteries, and whatever else lee puts into his magic item holding pockets. :D
  • Yeah haha, Lee's pocket dimension Bag of Holding ability kinda interfered with my suspension of disbelief. And while I chose to ignore it I wish that they made the large items his had in his inventory visible on his character.

    I mean a battery in your pocket Lee? Srsly?
  • No i agree, drop the ammo idea, i added it NOT so you have to g search for ammo but so you would preserve your shots.

    But if they use time constraint/add difficulty, you will be forced to make your shots count anyway so it really doesnt add anything anymore.

    Reloading/difficulty should still be altered in some sequences though.
  • I would have liked it if the saves didn't fuck up all the time on every platform, but that's just me.
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