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Christa/Omid as new Protaganist for Season 2?

posted by Marv87 on - last edited - Viewed by 241 users
Just a thought. I know the majority of people have been saying that Season 2 is likely to be based on a whole new group. I personally think it would be cool if Season 2 is either based on:

a) Christa/Omid takes over looking after Clementine after Lee dies, OR;
b) We get to see their journey from California to Savannah

I think it might be good to see a female protaganist this time but am open to whatever really. I'm really happy with Telltale's TWD game and hope to see it continue to be developed as a series.
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  • That would be kinda interesting
    Altho the b) option would kinda not have the same feel.
    Cause we'd know that they would eventually live to make it to Georgia.
    I think uncertainty is a big part of what makes the episodic format and overall teh game so appealing. Anyway..

    I'd rather play Kenny if we're continuing the storyline.
  • In my storyline Kenny didn't come with me to look for Clem even when I told him I NEEDED him. Personally I feel as though Kenny is one of those difficult to keep happy types so I wouldn't be surprised if in Episode 5 he leaves Christa & Omid stranded. But hey you never really know with the way they're panning everything out hey. Great game.
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