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What Are Your Early Guesses to how Season 1 will end?

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Ok firstly, bravo tt- episode 4 brilliant cant say one negative thing about it (except Lee should be able to walk faster/ run haha) but what do you guys want OR think will happen to conclude the season ?

My personal opinion : telltale will be HEARTLESS people and it will end extremely sadly. Lee is gone, just like Duck he may have 3-4 hours left in him and I say my group (everyone except kenny) will all die as well unfortunately. I think Clem will be safe SOME way. I know its sick but I cant be the only one to think of this...but I think Clem might have to kill Lee. Im sure there will be a heart breaking good bye and then... but I guess we'll see. Hard for tt to make it without plot-holing it where lee and clem end up fine.

What do you think?
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  • Molly? No way. She's way too Lana Croft-ian to be a protagonist.

    I'd like to see a Native American woman as the protagonist.
  • I see no one thought about it yet so I think I'll share :

    Since TWD is merciless I think Lee with his last strengths will find Clementine dead which would be devastating for us since no one can even imagine this view. Why? Becouse everyone feel so much attached to Clementine character (atleast I am). With tears falling on his cheeks and no hope he will die and turn to zombie.
  • What's going to happen: Clem shoots Lee in the head. Ta-da! End of season.

    What I want to happen: Lee survives his bite. Clem, Lee, and Kenny get on the boat and begin to go offshore. End of season.
  • The trend I am seeing a lot on these forums is that characters will keep making appearances in episode 5 like lilly and now molly...THERE NOT! They make them leave the story plot for a reason (so they dont have to develope them anymore) Vernon will obviously be back but when a player says they are leaving THERE GONE.

    telltale has kept it realistic so far with respect to a world being in a zombie apocalypse, they wont do anything stupid now
  • Zeruis;695163 said:
    What's going to happen: Clem shoots Lee in the head. Ta-da! End of season.

    What I want to happen: Lee survives his bite. Clem, Lee, and Kenny get on the boat and begin to go offshore. End of season.
    i hope lee survives the bite because the end will be like you said and all people will know before playing it...
  • Lee is bitten=Vernon needed (He might want to get on the boat if he helps)
    The city is overrun=Boat needed (Kenny has to help)
    Boat's capacity=5 (Not everyone can come)
    Getting on=Kenny (operator), Lee (if hand taken care of), Clementine, Christa, Omid/Vernon, Molly
    Not getting on=Ben (because Kenny won't take him or he is dead)
    Most probable deaths=Molly (She could try to steal the boat), Lee (Bite), Vernon (Old), Omid (Leg), Christa (Omid's death)
  • All of you think to linear. There is no reason to make your decisions matter little in Episode fives story, in the end, it ends... there can be multiple endings, based on how you act in Episode 5 but also based on everything you said and did before. They wrote all of this without a Second Season in Mind and they said they changed nothing about their planed story. Everything is fair game.

    The final scene of episode for is hinting at that by having... six? possible constellations you enter Episode five with. (i also think that this might cause some heavy head rolling if you got a big group)

    I am thinking a bit of a Mass Effect 2 ending, just less random. Maybe you´ll chew Clems face of if you screw everything up.

    It´s strongly implied that Christa carries a Baby. I wonder what will come of that, or if it just stays a little something for the aware player.
  • Finnisher;695792 said:

    Most probable deaths=Vernon (Old)
    Now that made me laugh.
  • Kenny leaves with the boat (with or without Ben depending on if you let him die or not)
    Christa/Omid take over looking after Clem and are left as possible protaganists for Season 2.

    As for Lee, I think we will have a choice as to how we go out. Wander off/get someone to shoot us/shoot ourselves.

    Lock it in. xD
  • The most probable ending is that Clementine shoots Lee. Which means that it's most likely not going to be the case. TellTale are smart enough to realize that with the Ep4 cliffhanger everybody will be thinking like that, ergo - no surprise.

    But they will also not end with Lee surviving, as it's what everybody here wishes for - Lee to survive. That's why he won't.

    So, in the end, after we exclude the most probable and the most wished for possibilities... I have no clue how the series will end. And honestly, don't want to guess. Want TellTale to surprise me :)
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