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I'm only bringing mah boi Kenny.

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We're doing this Army of Two style!

Who's going with you and why?
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  • I've got everyone with me, I was surprised to see at the end that the game allows 8 different permutations of the team at episode 4's conclusion. That may be the biggest bit of truly branching story support in the whole series... unless everyone but Lee gets killed instantly at the beginning of ep 5. :) I saved Ben in the tower, despite some misgivings, and Omid and Christa seemed to appreciate Lee bringing the doctor, unintentional though it may have been.
  • I think only bringing Ben will be the best option.
  • Wrighty;695236 said:
    After I saved his life, he better try to stop anyone that try's to steal it. At least this way he can't get anyone else killed. :P
    Knowing ben he'll somehow bring the boat to the group saying he wanted to "help," attracting the entire horde to them and surrounding them.
  • Not Ben that's for sure. You run and leave Clem alone when walkers are might as well ask me to take you out.
    I even tried to shoot Ben in the head in the belltower. :D
  • How exactly does Ben not come? I thought if you saved his life he's all gung-ho about making it up to you. Clearly this isn't the case for everyone. Did you guys, like, threaten to kill his skinny ass twenty times before or what?
  • I brought everyone but Ben. I didn't kill Ben, but I didn't want to take any chances with him getting everyone killed in the beginning of episode 5 lol. Besides, someone needed to watch the boat and I wanted Kenny.
  • I brought everyone. Like Christa says, Clementine is everyone's responsibility now. She is priority #1 over a fucking boat in a shed any day of the week.

    Christa and Omid always come if you show them your bite I believe. Kenny either backs you up instantly or takes some convincing and Ben... well Ben has one last chance at redeeming himself.
  • The_Cheshire_Cat;695230 said:
    That's one hell of a guard
    hes such a choker!
  • ashesandwine;692751 said:
    I told Kenny to go fuck himself haha.
    The Best moment of the episode :D
  • jangjangchang;692637 said:
    We're doing this Army of Two style!

    Who's going with you and why?
    jangjangchang;696202 said:
    ...Does it really fuckin matter?
    I guess not.
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