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TWD: Episode 4 won't download!!

posted by chaz99 on - last edited - Viewed by 6.7K users
I keep getting the "connection lost" message. There is NOTHING WRONG WITH MY INTERNET CONNECTION!!

Fix this, TT!!
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  • I used the manual method described here

    to download and innstall episode 4 on my PC but it didn't work :(

    the game starts but some characters have become invisible while other character have no eyes!!!! :eek:

    All I can do now is try to download it every day from the in-game menu and PRAY that one day it will work.

    Sorry TT, the best game you've made will be the last one I'll buy from you, I mean it

    Poor technical quality and no support (does anyone of the team read this thread? It's been up for two days now and still no official answer) isn't worth spending money
  • I haven't had any problems downloading the game until Ep.4.

    But now I'm stuck with the same problem others have mentioned: an error pops up saying internet connection lost even though I'm connected.
  • The problem isn't simply with Episode 4. I renamed my folder for the game by adding Original) then uninstalled the game. Went to this website to my 'order history' and re-downloaded and installed the game. Launched the game and attempted to "GET" episode 2... 'connection lost error' as seen with episode 4.

    Seems that TTG has somehow blocked those with season passes.
  • Just would like to add my name to this long list of paying customers who cannot download Ep 4. Like many others I will not be buying this format of episode releases again.
  • Still not working today
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    I gave the manual download a try, but it didn't work. Still so called connection errors at 0.00 %.
  • I have the same problem. WTF telltale...
  • Same problem here, got Windows 7 PC game and cannot download Episode 4.
    This is not a good user experience!!! Please Tellgames fix the Ep 4 download bug!!!!
  • Same issue here
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