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Question About Lee

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Has anyone else noticed the scratch on Lee's face in the beginning of Episode 4??? This was the first time I noticed it and I do not remember him doing anything that could have persuaded him getting scratched or cut in previous episodes. Does anyone remember how this happened?
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  • If you fight with kenny on the train he punches you in the face, leaving the gash on your face.
  • If Kenny whoops your butt on the train Lee gets a gash on his face.
  • I let him whup my butt 'cause I felt sorry for him, thought he needed to get it all out...I never even tried to fight back. I was hoping the game might keep track of it but I didn't see anything to indicate it did in Ep 4. Ah well, didn't really expect it to anyway.

    I kind of like the little wound. Everyone is way too clean cut for their living conditions.
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