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The Walking Dead My Predictions for Ep.5 and Season 2

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We never found out who was the person who was standing right outside the Fence when you were Burying the kid, and the guy that convinced Clementine he had her parents through the Walkie-Talkie never talked again maybe until the end of the episode... maybe he was snooping around the house trying to look for Clementine but he saw Lee and Ran away. He was probably the guy that Kidnapped Clementine. They said they were going to do Season 2, but if Lee is bitten and will turn how is that going to work? if Lee truly turns, My only guess is that Clementine will become a Playable Character and she got older and knows how to take care of herself? We'll just have to wait and see. Amazing game.
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    Thadeum BANNED
    I found out who was the mystery guy at the fence, if you really wanna be spoiled you can read this: here. Then, discussion on page 2 digs deeper onto that guy. You have been warned. It's real spoil, no shit.
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