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Can't download episode 4

posted by randomblack1 on - last edited - Viewed by 6.3K users
When I click on "Get" in the in-game downloader, it gives me an error message saying "Check internet connection". My internet connection is obviously good, though... Any ideas?
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  • If we wanted to email them with that issue number, what email address should we send it to?
  • Not only am I getting this message when trying to download episode four, its now telling me I haven't downloaded and installed episode three.
  • Imlysa;695985 said:
    Not only am I getting this message when trying to download episode four, its now telling me I haven't downloaded and installed episode three.
    Wow. That's really sucky.:(
  • And so I begin day 3 attempting to download this. Nada. Yesterday I got it to 30% but then it cut out and now its back to 10% and cutting out.

    Sent my own little email to TTG, not that I think it'll do anything. I'm in Australia, its already Saturday here. I was supposed to be knee-deep in this game avoiding everyone and everything else in my life.
  • I got an automated reply so far. It says to include issue-64201 in the email, but I did that in my original. Maybe we should just flood them with emails that say issue-64201 over and over.

    This is just an automated note to let you know that we've received your request for support and that we'll be getting back to you as quickly as possible.

    For your reference, this case has been assigned the code 'issue-64201'. Please make sure to include this code in either the subject or the body of any e-mail you send to us regarding this issue.

    Telltale Support

  • I guess we're out of luck until next week.
    Bad form, Telltale. Bad form.
  • AND you can add me as well to the ever growing consensus that TellTale sucks major ass at this point & obviously cares nothing of its customers/former fan base, its one thing if it was truly the customers PC's that was the issue but it is quite clear that its a problem on TT's end but alas they have failed to provide respectable customer service to those hardworking Americans who have not only supported their company & its endeavors but dished out the money FIRST before receiving the total product which in turn is a slap in the face in regards to TRUST! See we trusted TT by paying for a full product upfront while being promised that we would then receive the product on time in 5 split monthly dividends, all the while being screwed in the a$$ when it finally came down to it; TellTale you OWE us loyal paying customers some sort of response to this PROBLEM! We demand an explanation and/or public response on what your doing to resolve this issue! So give us some sort of response NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Ok, so that email I received with an "issue number" was a automated response and is different from the one that littleton pace received.
    Im trying to say that I guess they are looking at it as individual customer problem it seems. I hope they realize it is a lot of customers.
    Im saying I hope because no one has heard an official response or gotten any help.
    I am so frustrated just like everyone

    I wouldnt be asking if I knew they were helping..or knew

    *Im emailing them again..maybe we should all send email to let them know?
  • Damn, this silence from TTG isn't good. I visited their facebook page to see if they had posted any solution there. And of course a couple of spoilers stared me in the face. Even when I get this game working it will not be the same enjoyment as it could have been. Things can go wrong but TTG:s way of not adressing us regarding this is a mistake. There has been a lot of negative responce in having to wait for episodes, but I have been patient.

    Now, I'm actually really disapointed in how TTG has handled this. Really disapointed. It is a shame because TTG do make so good games.
  • So I tried again this morning, but no luck. I probably will have to try some of the workarounds that are posted. But it worries me a bit changing the directories in the game manually. I really did not expect having to do this.
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