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What did you do about zombie boy in the beginning?

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What was the best option in your opinion? Cause I shot this kid. I just couldn't leave him there as a zombie, cause look, when Lee will turn... well, I would like somebody to kill him too, in that case. It's better to be dead than living dead. And well, I couldn't ask Kenny to shoot this kid after what happened to his son.
I was suprised that only 20% of players killed this child.
What about other options then? Will Kenny shoot him if you choose this option? And what if you just leave him? I guess he'll die anyway somehow, and burying scene is inevitable. I'm just curious what happen if you choose something else than kill him by yourself. and what about stats in other cases.
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  • I killed him, crushed its head with my foot. The poor kid's already dead, doesn't matter. I figured it was best to conserve ammo and not make noise, granted it didn't matter, but still. :p
  • Alanz;696528 said:
    Regardless of whether it's a walker not, Kenny stated it looks like Duck and is clearly conflicted by it.
    That's why I didn't make Kenny kill him. But what does that have to do with the way Lee kills him though? I mean, just because I feel bad for Kenny doesn't mean I'm going to endanger those of us who are still alive to spare a walker an extra split second of suffering.
    Alanz;696528 said:
    Shooting him would be quicker. And don't give me that crap about alerting walkers.
    Why is that crap? The whole reason they went into the house in the first place was to hide from the walkers. To then start firing off guns kind of defeats the purpose. You might as well just ring a dinner bell.

    As far as the kid's suffering is concerned, again, he's already dead. What's left isn't really a person. Everything that made it human is gone. It's just acting on pure basic instinct. Sure, it may look like a child, and that makes us feel bad about killing it. But inside, it's no different from any other walker. Do you feel bad about bashing in any of their heads? If not, why is this one any different?

    I don't know, maybe if we weren't surrounded at the time, I'd use the gun. But given the circumstances, I don't think there's any problem with putting the safety of the living first.
  • I killed him myself. I felt kind of bad because I decided to smash his head in to avoid the noise and he looked so pathetic. I'll admit it: for a second, I was startled because I was sure it was Duck, then I realized that couldnt be but it made my heart jump.
  • I was pragmatic. I smashed his little tiny skull with the wrench. I couldn't afford the bullet loss and the potential sound it would make. And I couldn't let Kenny do it. Cause he's a puss and I didn't want him gettin all emotionally damaged cause I made him kill an anorexic kid that resembled his dead son.
  • Hit him with my wrench, can't risk the gun, also I couldn't let Lee just stomp the poor kid.

    The kid was a walker, it be stupid to get everyone killed to make yourself feel better about having to do it.
  • Bullet loss? Really? You have infinite ammo... Anywho I shot him since it seemed to be the humane thing to do and we were inside anyways so the gunshot would be muffled to anyone or thing outside.
  • magodesky;696491 said:
    I'm a little surprised by how many people I've seen saying, "I made Kenny do it because I shot Duck." Seems a little cold. As much as I hate Kenny, the guy just lost his family. He's clearly dealing with some serious trauma. Making him relive that just seemed unnecessary.

    I did use my trusty spike remover instead of the gun though. No reason to waste a bullet and risk attracting more walkers to kill one that can't really fight back.
    He had collapsed to his knees in despair and began to beat himself up over the fact that it wasn't him who shot Duck. He felt truly guilty because it was me who did it and not him. I couldn't let my Lee face his demons for him again, like I had with Duck. He has to face them himself, and I saw letting him shoot the boy as better for his mental well-being. I knew it would be hard, but in my mind, it was also right.
  • I'm surprised the majority shot the kid, considering most of them did shoot Duck themself.

    I didn't shoot the kid myself, not because I was a pussy. That was smth. Kenny had to learn to do. He couldn't put his own son out of his misery, understandable, but he should be capable to finish a random zombie kid.

    TbH if you shot Duck yourself in Episode 3, I think you're helping Kenny more when you let him shoot the Zombie kid than doing it yourself.
  • Avoiding shooting guns due to nose etc. is not crap. O.o think it's pretty short-sighted to go around firing guns, when not necessary. You don't know who, or what will hear that etc. the tool from the train is one quick hit, and the boy is dead, beyond feeling pain. The only pain I took into consideration was Kenny's, which is why I didn't try stomping it out like a bug.
  • Yeah, all it takes is one Walker to to bring hell upon you.

    I made Kenny shoot Duck, I don't see any other way for it to go down. Hes the kids father
    and him not doing it would haunt him, from what I'm reading I was right to make him shoot Duck.

    I killed the boy in the attic because Kenny had enough already, He had just shot Duck.
    Now we had just barely got away from the walkers in the street, we can still hear them outside. Why risk even one Walker hearing the gun shoot? all it does is bring peace and mind to yourself while putting everyone at risk.

    Just one walker is enough to gather even more, then the safe spot is done for.
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