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Connection lost while downloading?

posted by buntah on - last edited - Viewed by 2.6K users
I'm trying to download Episode 4 and I keep getting a message telling me the connection was lost while downloading ... but I'm only at 0% ... and obviously my internet connection is working fine cuz I'm here! Is there a problem on Telltale's end that I don't know about?
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  • has anyone had any luck yet or a reply from telltale with more information?
  • Telltale :( ..........................I have been patient , I do not normally speak out but ..................C'mon guys, at least let us know you are working on this, It is very bad practice for the company to treat people like you don't care , you have my money and make me wait even more for each episode, then this with the download crap, I personally will be glad to get the last episode of the series and say .............I'm not buying from you again !
  • By completely ignoring the issue speaks poorly of this organization. Does this mean they are clueless on how to fix it or simply do not care to invest any resources to do so?

    I've already paid so not much I can do other than not purchase anything from them in the future.

    Very disappointing!
  • I too am having this problem on episode 4. It's unfortunate to see that TellTale has chosen not to respond to this issue on the game support forums. So far the only solution I have seen is something put forth by a community moderator, not a TTG employee - which is disconcerting, because apparently this issue has been happening for months?

    Please address the problem TTG, I don't expect to pay for a product and then only be able to access 3/5ths of it. :eek:
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    DjNDB Moderator
    Here's a simple workaround for the instant "connection lost" issue.
  • the thing is, I shouldn't have to go to a third party for a workaround. Their own product should work, now going on three days after release. I understand if it's a tough fix, but hearing SOME sort of news beyond one statement would be nice.
  • As nice as it is to know that I'm not the only one having this problem, it's no less upsetting. Like PDL, I'm not going to download some extra programs just so this thing can work properly.

    If this is a bug, it needs to be addressed. At least let us know that you're aware of the issue, for pity's sake!
  • I saw Telltale has been responding to some other posts so waiting for this fix. I emailed support, they said they are working on it.
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    DjNDB Moderator
    The official patch for the disconnection issue is out now. Restarting the game will download and install it automatically. Afterwards you should be able to download the episodes.
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