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Questions for the Walking Dead team!

posted by Jake Telltale Alumni on - last edited - Viewed by 41.6K users
Hey guys, I know it's still early days on this project, and we're a ways off from talking about anything concrete, but it seemed like as good a time as any to start an official Q&A thread!

In all honesty there isn't a lot we can talk about yet -- we were going to do press for the game at PAX East last month, but held off when we realized that our answer to almost any conceivable standard press question would be "no comment, yet" -- but I trust you guys to rise above the standard questions, and come up with some Walking Dead stuff we can discuss, so have at it. Ask away!
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  • Jake;695762 said:
    Need more specifics than that.

    Also as I've said a couple times, this thread isn't a tech support / purchase support thread. This is for questions about the game content with the game developers! There is an entire separate forum for tech support issues. I honestly don't know the answers to a lot of those questions, so by posting them here you are wasting your breath! If you post in the support forum or write to [email][/email] you are more likely to be heard by someone who can fix your problem than by posting it here. I am doing my best to help you guys though!
    I have posted in the support forums, sent multiple e-mails and tried to call TT and have not recieved any messages back.
  • lucidity02;695523 said:
    Demanding an apology is not an appropriate way to get one. And the fact that multiple people are probably going to start responding to Jake's post -- I'm guessing some of them with nasty responses -- is probably why TT has been silent while they hash these problems out. Because they don't want to create a firestorm of forum posts. And I agree with them.

    Customer support is made up of human beings. There are only a limited number of these human beings available to respond to emails. These humans also need sleep, and food, and do not have the time to respond to every single email instantly. I know this because I am, in fact, also a human being who requires such things.

    Before anyone leaps down my throat, I'm not a Telltale employee and though I sympathize with all of the people having technical problems, you've also come to a thread where TT designers and writers answer questions about scripting, plotting and things like that. Not technical questions. There's a thread for that.

    These guys made a game that everyone on these forums LOVES. Realize they're a small company with limited resources and that they're likely trying their best, and show them a little damn respect. Or feel free to flame me for writing this if that makes you feel better.
    Thank you for making me read a laundry list of excuses...The game is faulty. I'm sorry. It pains me to write shit like this because i was having an amazing experince up until ALL of my saves were erased.
  • Jake;695444 said:
    We're looking into the PS3 save corruption issue. We don't have anything to say yet because a fix isn't in place yet, but we are more than aware that it's happening.
    OH you guys know how to speak huh??? surprising since you guys disappear after a esp. releases.
  • Hi Telltale!

    I was wondering if you would consider having the 'Next time on the Walking Dead...' previews optional or skippable in the second season. I had always turned off my sound and looked away during previews so every episode would be surprising. I am not alone in this.

    Anyway, keep up the good work. <3
  • Why are you killing off my homebro Lee?

    That is all.
  • Tentative release date for episode 5?

    Tentative release date for Season 2?

    Or are you not allowed to say? A 'general' answer, like "early November" or something like that is cool.

    I'd also like to know why the writers wanted to kill Lee in season 1.
  • Jake;695444 said:
    We're looking into the PS3 save corruption issue. We don't have anything to say yet because a fix isn't in place yet, but we are more than aware that it's happening.
    i know you're aware because i've been complaining about it since episode 2
  • Was this idea of having a variety of different options in terms of what party you have at the end of episode four planned from the start?
  • Why did you guys stop making different clothes for Lee? That shirt is nothing compared to his sweet-ass jacket from episode 2.
  • Did you guys reuse the "wind" sound from Tales of Monkey Island? The sound plays at the very beginning of the episode and a few points later but when I heard it I laughed a bit because I'm almost sure it's the same sound.
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