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Can't download episode 4

posted by randomblack1 on - last edited - Viewed by 6.3K users
When I click on "Get" in the in-game downloader, it gives me an error message saying "Check internet connection". My internet connection is obviously good, though... Any ideas?
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  • Another one here with the same issue. Had similar problems with all other eps, but they at least got there.

    This gets to 10% then dies. Constantly.

    No way I'm trying that workaround, either...
  • if you make a back up of the save games you won't have a problem. I did it myself and it worked perfectly :)
  • Same thing, have been trying to download ep. 4 a couple of times today, yesterday and Thursday, but it shows 0,00% and complains about my connection, which is of course working quite nicely.
  • After 3 days, I'm up to 1% downloaded!

    Finally getting somewhere :D
  • So nothing yet, eh?
    This is pretty bad. :(
  • endlessmike;696917 said:
    After 3 days, I'm up to 1% downloaded!

    Finally getting somewhere :D
    Up to 10%. They must have changed something cause I was not getting past 0.00%.
  • Same issue.

    First I got the license issue mentioned earlier. Rebooted my PC and I got past that. Then I had the "Coming Soon" issue mentions earlier. A few restarts of the app got me past that. Now I have the connection lost issue. What a joke. This is my first and will also be my last purchase from Telltale Games. I don't mean I'll buy from Steam in the future either. I just won't buy at all.

    I can deal with bugs in newly released games. What I refuse to deal with is **** customer service and companies that ignore the issue or try to deflect the blame onto the customer when the issue is CLEARLY at their end. TTG appears to be doing both. I'll finish TWD games (if I can ever download them, that is) because I've already paid for them but after that count me as a customer lost for good.
  • Well, add me to the list as well. The game connects to the internet and I see the "get" button to downlopad Episode 4 but as soon as I click it I get the popup message that states I lost my connection, please try again.
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    DjNDB Moderator
    Here's a simple workaround for the instant "connection lost" issue.
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