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Are People Confusing Characters ?

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So, I've been browsing these forums for a while without ever actually posting but I had to make an account just to ask a question. Are people confusing Doug with Chuck or something ? I keep seeing people saying "Doug's heroic sacrifice" and talking about Doug in Episode 4 and I've seen at least two people quoting Chuck's speech about just being alive and crediting it to Doug. Is there something I'm missing ?
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  • Doug takes a bullet for Ben, Seems pretty heroic to me.

    Also very sad.
  • Acadias;696671 said:
    Doug takes a bullet for Ben, Seems pretty heroic to me.

    Also very sad.
    To me, that moment seemed less like Doug choosing to get shot for Ben and more like Doug trying to stop Ben from getting shot and accidentally taking a bullet to the back of the head. Less heroic sacrifice and more heroic accident. Not to say anything bad about Doug, Doug was my bro.
  • Doug was a pretty brave guy when it mattered. see ep3 shielding ben. And listen to what Carley tells you in Ep1 how he saved her and she wouldn't have expected that from a guy like him.
  • Believe it or not, I was more shocked by Doug's death than Carly's...Doug's death was more...unexpected, I never expected Doug to Ben like that and die while doing it...Carly's death was more expected for me, I mean, saying what Carly said to a person with a gun is bound to end badly.
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    Thadeum BANNED
    With all those people having a name ending by a "ee", it's easy to confuse them.

    Larry, Lilly, Carley, Lee, Kenny, Molly, Omi(d), Clemy, Douggy, Ducky, Benny... Ok, maybe I made up a few ;)

    Could make a song out of that (read it fast)
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