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Anyone else wondering...

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How lee got back to the school after jumping the fence to get the tape from the doctor? I mean the garage door he couldn't lift it up originally and the fence behind him had barbwire. the only way would be the front but he came in from the same entrance he left from not the front door. Can anyone explain? feels very unfinished and they just skipped ahead which i feel was uncalled for and lazy on their part. I feel like they were going to finish with him going back into the garage to find something to cut the fence i mean the garage still had that one room that couldn't be open. Or even go over the fallen fence to find an alternative way back and maybe see a hint where molly ran off too.

It just felt so unfinished.
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    Thadeum BANNED
    It has already been pointed out, especially I already made a thread on that topic and some minor other rushed parts.

    It's just a mistake from devs. Deal with it. Better this than waiting one week more bro.
  • That's exactly what I was wondering myself. Maybe since the fence fell over? But he was chased away. He couldn't have gone back the semi-truck route as then he fell through the ceiling. I think it was just bad planning on the writer's part. The TV in the work shed mysteriously appearing and crashing on that zombie's head also reeked of bad writing.

    Since the whole series has been well written, I'll forgive them for these missteps. Hopefully Chapter 5 will be better plotted out.
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    Thadeum BANNED
    Xavier Wildcat;696892 said:
    The TV in the work shed mysteriously appearing and crashing on that zombie's head also reeked of bad writing.
    Man, it was a TV?

    I did not notice what it was and I was like "oh well, nvm anyway..."
  • I think it was a TV. I just know it was not set up before. And it's so easy to do. Lee starts climbing, something starts to fall which he has to catch lest he summons the geeks. There. Situation resolved. When the TV (or whatever it was) falls on the walker, it's no longer bad writing. It's not good but it's better than what they gave us.
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    Mrwalto69 BANNED

    I found that part stupid. They spent all that time making the longest episode out of the whole two seasons and The struggle he and Molly did to get back, yet he just runs back to the fence then his magically over again? Lazy writing but I guess they didn't want the episode to go any longer, not that I care, I liked episode 4.

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